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Consulting Process

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Immersive Telco Consulting

Amplifier is an immersive consulting experience. When we work with our clients on a project, we go the extra mile to gain a complete picture of their business, identify their pain points, and shed light on any unrecognized opportunities. We then identify quick wins and long-term goals so telcos can enjoy both immediate and long-term benefits.

As global experts in deploying and delivering large-scale enterprise software solutions, we have a unique perspective on what works in your corner of the world. From reviewing your integrations, swivel chairs and broken processes – to considering your EPC strategy and how new products go to market – we have internal experts who can work with you to find the ultimate solutions that achieve your ROI.

Your Secret to Global Success

How do you stack up globally? Our proprietary, 135-point Benchmarked Retail Assessment gives telcos the data they need to elevate their stores and become leaders in their industry.

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Our Specialties

We specialize in the following areas:

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Retail Performance

  • We review all aspects of your current store design for a complete assessment of how your stores look, feel and perform versus your competition.
  • We evaluate your customer experience by examining your customers’ pain points, how they interact with products in-store, and your general merchandising approach.
  • We assess the speed and effectiveness of your systems and in-store technologies, as well as how they affect your transaction times and overall performance in relation to global standards.
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Supply Chain & Logistics

  • We evaluate your processes, systems and products to identify ways to improve your forecasting and replenishment over the long term.
  • We release working capital by putting the right systems and processes in place, so the right stock is always in the right place at the right time.
  • We conduct a full evaluation of your supply chain, including third-party logistics services and device lifecycle solutions, to identify quick wins and long-term improvements that maximize your ROI.
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Digital Transformation

  • We help you transition into a Digital Service Provider by educating you on the key global trends in this area, as well as what telcos are trying to achieve with their next-generation system stacks.
  • We make sense of the post-omni-channel world where there are no channels and customers are free to transact wherever they like (with a consistent customer experience, of course).
  • We evaluate your current system infrastructure and provide real recommendations for future direction so you are able to offer your customers a true digital experience in-store.
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Customer Experience & NPS

  • We review your current touchpoints and customer journeys, including how your various channels work together, to identify which parts are broken/missing.
  • We identify how your frontline staff are supporting your experience goals, as well as how your HR, training and employee engagement plans influence your customer experience results.
  • We present the best practices from telcos around the world, including monitoring and measurement methods that are directly tied to compensation so the right results are rewarded.
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IT Architecture

  • We identify what your current IT ecosystem is delivering for you right now, as well as the gaps and experiences where it falls short.
  • We examine how your world of vendors and systems is coping with the move towards open APIs and a tightly-governed telco structure that (paradoxically) allows freedom and ease of development.
  • We share how ‘The Cloud’ and modern security methods protect you from data breaches and save money in the longer term.
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Our Process

Our proprietary Amplifier process can be described in 4 phases:


We start by completely immersing ourselves in your business. We visit your locations, talk to your people and understand your pain points.


During our visits, we gather information to paint an informed picture of your business that’s based on what we observed in your locations. This includes everything from footfall to customer experience, inventory controls and executive-level reporting.


Next, we deliver a comprehensive initiation report that identifies the pain points in your business as well as a host of easy-to-implement recommendations.


We integrate solutions that leverage your organization’s point of difference and culture. These include “quick wins” and cross-functional projects, right through to a list of strategic and directional goals for the next 3-5 years. Our recommendations are built on real data that will produce measurable initiatives and generate a positive ROI.

Our Services

Amplifier has an offering to fit any project, big or small. Our services range from intensive, multi-day onsite visits, to quick mystery shopping or competitor analysis. Whether you need a little help or a lot, Amplifier is your secret weapon. READ MORE

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Today’s telcos are in a constant balancing act. Between administering their complex networks, navigating new trends, and staying profitable in an ever-changing market, telcos need a fresh perspective on their problem areas – and a plan to fix them.

Maplewave’s Amplifier consultants can help telcos:

  • Achieve Higher Profits
  • Attain Better NPS Scores
  • Improve Customer Loyalty
  • Optimize In-Store Design
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