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Consulting Services

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Solutions That Are Just Right

No matter your goal, Amplifier has offerings that can fit any project, big or small.

Whether you’re looking for a large transformation, or a quick checkup, our consultants can help. With services that range from intensive, multi-day onsite visits, to quick tasks like mystery shopping or competitor analysis, we can tackle any problem, in any area of your business.

Packaged Services

For large-scale transformations, we have bundled our most common services into comprehensive packages that offer incredible value.

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Telco Retail Assessment

Specialized for retail, this 135-point, proprietary deep-dive assessment is the most thorough that we offer. We perform a complete evaluation of your retail performance, then benchmark the results against regional and global standards. This gives our clients a contextualized plan for how to bring their retail experience in line with global expectations – quickly.

We start with intensive onsite visits. Our consultants visit your locations, talk to your teams, and get a sense of your operations. During this time, they will complete a 135-point evaluation that objectively appraises all areas of your retail environment, from your technology and systems, to your sales staff, and processes.

Next, our consultants will take all the data offsite and analyze the results within the context of regional and global benchmarks.

Lastly, you will receive a 100-page comprehensive report that details the outcome of the assessment. This will present:

  • Your strengths and weaknesses.
  • How you stack up against regional and global players.
  • ‘Quick wins’ that will have an immediate impact.
  • Cross-functional projects for the next 6-12 months.
  • Long-term strategies for the next 3-5 years.
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Telco Sales Training

Showtime is the only telco sales training course built for telco retail, by lifelong telco retailers. Designed for all telco retail staff, Showtime is an engaging training program that teaches participants the skills they need to become a top-performer.

Our “best in class” techniques set the standard for an incredible customer experience versus your competitors. Our goal is to deliver an effective, modern approach to selling that exceeds customer expectations.

Amplifier Showtime has been proven to deliver double-digit sales growth and NPS movements of +10 points in individual stores.

We designed the Showtime training program to be flexible in its delivery. The course can be delivered over 2.5 days, 3 days, modularly, or through e-learning, so every telco can receive a solution that meets their needs.

By the end of the Showtime training program, participants will:

  • Understand how to craft magical sales experiences, instead of simple transactional ones.
  • Confidently build rapport with their customers and adapt their selling style for optimal success.
  • Understand the importance of appearance, roles and systems in the retail environment.
  • Be able to progress a sale, handle objections, upsell/cross sell and close a sale – all while deepening customer loyalty.
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Cloud Consulting

Experienced Cloud Consultants

Many consultants claim they can help you transition to the public cloud - but how many have done it themselves?

In 2018, we migrated our Software as a Service (SaaS) infrastructure to Amazon Web Services after recognizing the many benefits of the public cloud . Through that process, we've gained valuable real-world experience that will help our clients achieve the best results with their own projects.

In cloud installations, the fine details matter - a lot. Maplewave can help you with:

  • Best Practices: We can plan or review your cloud infrastructure in line with "Well Architected Framework" practices for a future-proofed deployment that takes advantage of everything the cloud has to offer.
  • Security: Have you done enough to keep hackers away? This is an area you can't afford to get wrong. We can help bolster your cloud security with powerful tools to keep your data safe.
  • Cost Optimization: Cloud pricing is complex, with many options; picking the wrong one will cost you more. We can help you understand and choose the right pricing plan, so you don't overpay.
  • Infrastructure Management: The cloud isn't a destination, it's a new way of doing business that requires ongoing maintenance. We can help manage your ongoing security, infrastructure, and application requirements.

Ready to start your cloud transition? Funding may be available

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Comprehensive Telco Consultation

With our classic “10 Days to Greatness” process, we focus on your pain points and give you a 3-year strategic roadmap, full of real, actionable recommendations that move you quickly toward your goals.

We can consult on a number of areas, including Supply Chain & Logistics, Digital Transformation, Customer Experience & NPS, and IT Architecture. We can also use this package to examine Retail Performance if you desire a more high-level approach than the Benchmarked Retail Assessment.

After selecting an area of focus for the evaluation, our consultants will immerse themselves in your business to understand your pain points. They will visit your locations, talk to your teams, and get a sense of your operations.

Next, we present our findings in a detailed report, which has an average of 25 recommendations per engagement. The report includes:

  • Your pain points and future threats.
  • ‘Quick wins’ that will have an immediate impact.
  • Cross-functional projects for the next 6-12 months.
  • Long-term strategies for the next 3-5 years.
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Unbundled Services

We also offer a variety of individual services. These are perfect for smaller projects, quick check-ins, or can be added on to a package. As always, we can provide guidance on what will offer the best value to you.

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Brand Perception

How is your brand perceived by your customers and the world at large? Our Brand Perception services help you put your best foot forward.

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Operational Efficiency

Your telco operations involve a lot of moving parts. Are they working effectively together? Our Operational Efficiency services help everything run smoothly.

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Project Execution

Driving a large project to completion can be a challenging task, especially if you don’t have the right resources. If you need a little help, we can take you over the finish line.

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Brand Perception

Store Layout & Design: The best retail stores are attractive and move customers efficiently through the store. We can provide a key improvement plan and/or work with your design vendor to create an incredible design for you.

Competitor Analysis: Knowing what your competitors are offering is a great way to kick off an improvement project. We can conduct a full competitor analysis and give you insights into what your next steps should be.

Customer Experience: What is your customer experience really like? We bring a fresh perspective and critically evaluate your experience. At the end, you will be given real concrete steps to improve this crucial area.

Mystery Shopping / NPS Measurement: How well are your staff performing? We pose as customers and secretly shop at your locations. You will receive a full report, as well as a plan to drive your NPS to new heights.

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Operational Efficiency

In-Store Merchandizing Execution: Are you effectively selling your products? The secret is selling stories, not stuff. We will teach you industry best practices that encourage people to buy your products.

Staff Training: Regardless of if they’ve been with you for one day or a thousand, your staff are critical to your success. We can help with all aspects of their training, across all your channels.

Learning Management System:  On-demand e-training gives your staff the personal/professional development they require to provide maximum value in their jobs. We have hand-selected the most relevant courses for various telco roles.

Induction Training:  Set new staff on the right path from their first day. Our 12-week self-guided induction program teaches the critical skills, product knowledge and procedures that are imperative to personal performance and delivering a good customer experience.

Supply Chain & Logistics: The cost of getting products from A to B can be eye-watering. We can help you avoid a sluggish ecosystem, release working capital back to your business, and drive sales – simultaneously.

In-Store Compliance: The efficiency of your back-office processes and systems can make or break your profitability – and your customer experience. We bring fresh eyes to help you see the right path to follow.

Time & Motion: Transform the speed of your transactions with this detailed review of every single button press and step in your process. Our consultants will then help reverse-engineer simple wins that speed up your world.

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Project Execution

Project Implementation: Getting projects executed and over the line can be a real challenge. Our consultants can help ensure your critical launch happens on time and within budget.

Project Management: Our highly qualified team of project managers can help ensure your projects stay on track, and you achieve your stated goals.

Change and Transformation: Our consultants take a holistic approach and leverage their global channel experience to help you to cover all of the wide angles involved in big-change projects.

IT Architecture: Our IT experts use their global experience with a range of carriers and markets to help you finely tune your complex IT world.

Workshops: We offer a range of workshops, keynote speeches and event speakers to bring people together and drive consensus in your business.

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