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Telco is Changing - Fast

The traditional telco retail model is struggling in the digital age. Faced with declining device sales, pressures from competitors, and new customer expectations, telcos need to find a new model that returns them to the top of their industry.

The solution? Telcos must create an interactive, digital experience that provides that “wow” factor while making it possible for customers to interact and transact anytime, anywhere.

Maplewave’s telco experts have created several videos, blogs and case studies to keep telcos up to speed on what is happening in their industry, and how they should respond.



The 3 Things Telcos With Limited Budgets Should Invest In

October 20, 2020

Thanks to the chaos that is 2020, telcos are facing the challenges of having disrupted budgets, jumbled timelines, and ambiguous futures. But one thing is certain: those who adapt and are bold will come out on top.

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How Has COVID-19 Affected Telco Digital Transformation?

August 13, 2020

COVID-19 taught the telco industry a lot. Now, it's time to implement those learnings and prepare for whatever the future brings.

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Who is the Best Greek Telco?

July 30, 2020

In this blog, Will Gibson analyzes the 3 competitors in the Greek telco market in comparison to each other and explores the areas they need to improve.

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3 Missed Opportunities in the Greek Telco Market

July 23, 2020

What's going on in the Greek telco market? Find out what key opportunities telcos in Greece as missing in this blog.

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How To Optimise Your Telco Channel Strategy

July 9, 2020

From picking the right channels, to using the right technology, and providing the right training, channel strategies can get complicated - but the return on investment is worth it. ‍It’s time for telcos to optimise and develop channel strategies that drive results and boost the customer experience.

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The 11 Solutions Telcos Need To Survive COVID-19

June 4, 2020

Across the world, every industry has felt the effects of COVID-19 in some way, and telco is no exception. To thrive during this pandemic (and beyond), telcos need to adapt their retail strategies and quickly implement solutions that will enable digital experiences while taking measures to safely re-open their stores.

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Case Studies

Maplewave Paperless - Rogers

Rogers Saves 87% of Their Contract Costs with Paperless

In 2015, Rogers Communications wrote off paper contracts forever. Maplewave’s digital contract solution, Paperless, was the perfect way improve their operations while saving money and protecting customer information…

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Maplewave Amplifier - PEP Cell

Amplifier Future-Proofs PEP's Cellular Division in 10 Days

PEP is a large African retailer of clothing, homewares and cellular products. Operating in more than 11 African countries, PEP is a market-leader in the sale of pre-paid devices. With the introduction of new products and financial services offerings, PEP needed an international, strategic assessment to future-proof their cellular division. Maplewave’s Amplifier process was the answer…

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Maplewave Amplifier - Eastlink Retail Strategy

Amplifier Refines Eastlink's Strategy

Eastlink Communications is a privately owned quad play provider headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia. After merging their fixed line and mobile business units, Eastlink needed a best-in-class retail strategy to manage growth through the new phase of their business. With plans for expansion, Eastlink sought Maplewave’s assistance to help develop their 3-5 year strategy…

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