About Us

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About Us

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About Us

Aenean massa. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Donec quam felis, ultricies nec, pellentesque eu, pretium quis, sem.

About Us

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10 Days to Greatness.

Struggling to remain competitive? Trying to understand what comes next? Our Amplifier process may be exactly what you’re looking for. With our proprietary 10-day Amplifier process, our telco retail consultants offer insight into how to take your business to the next level.

Our Amplifier process brings clarity to any diverse business need, whether you’re looking to:

  • Drive better performance from your estate.
  • Review the latest “best-in-class” solutions.
  • Find a new provider to power improvements in your channels.

Our Amplifier process cuts through the complexity of searching for a solution provider and gives you real strategic direction in advance of a formal RFP process.

The Power of “I”:

Our 10-Day Process

Our 10-day proprietary Amplifier process can be described in 4 phases:



We start by completely immersing ourselves in your business. We visit your locations, talk to your people and understand your pain points.



During our visits, we gather information to paint an informed picture of your business that’s based on what we observed in your locations. This includes everything from footfall to customer experience, inventory controls and executive-level reporting.



Within 10 business days, we deliver a comprehensive initiation report that identifies the pain points in your business as well as a host of easy-to-implement recommendations.



We integrate solutions that leverage your organization’s point of difference and culture. These include “quick wins” and cross-functional projects, right through to a list of strategic and directional goals for the next 3-5 years. Our recommendations are built on real data that will produce measurable initiatives and generate a positive ROI.

Critical Evaluation Areas

During our visit, we fully review ONE of the following critical areas of your business:

Retail Performance

  • How your stores look, feel and perform vs. your competition.
  • Your marketing, merchandising, customer journeys and in-store tech.
  • Systems and process are evaluated for speed, effectiveness and overall customer experience delivery.

Supply Chain & Logistics

  • We map your entire distribution universe and understand your pain points.
  • Perform detailed process reviews and give recommendations to cut working capital / inventory load.
  • Evaluate your systems and supplier interfaces.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

  • We review the quality and quantity of your current reporting suites.
  • We ask the right questions about your performance so you can get the right answers.
  • We show you how our best-in-class reporting tools can transform your world.

In addition, we can review your entire digital capability, IT infrastructure and security strategy. As global experts in deploying and delivering large-scale enterprise software solutions, we have a unique perspective on what works in your corner of the world. From reviewing your integrations, swivel chairs and broken processes to considering your EPC strategy and how new products go to market, we have internal experts who can work with you to find the ultimate solution that fits.

Our goal is to be a long-term business partner who’s invested in your success. Once we’ve delivered our recommendations, we work with you to implement the desired tasks and achieve your ROI.

Our Thought Leaders

Our world-class stable of executives and thought leaders span a number of specialties. They include:


As the Retail Business Optimization Lead for Maplewave, Will is an award-winning consultant who offers insight and concrete solutions to retailers who are looking to take their business to the next level.

Will’s retail experience spans over 20 years and 60 countries and includes major retail projects for international blue-chip companies. In the past, he has worked for several multinational telco’s including Vodafone, Blackberry and Cable and Wireless.

Will combines his robust telco experience with his expertise in retail customer experience and total business transformations to deliver true thought leadership. He uses his can-do mindset to collaborate and drive positive change on every project.

With his sense of camaraderie and competitive nature, he played for his local cricket club for over 15 years, leading his team to victory as captain in the Division B2 championship in 2011 and to second place in 2014.  Nowadays, he is passionate about golf and enjoys playing on a traditional seaside course in the North East of England where he tries to play off a handicap of 13 (despite his real handicap being his putting!).

Will resides in England with his wife, Vick; their two year old son, Elijah; a German Shephard named Nisha; and their very own lucky black cat named Gypsie.

Will Gibson

VP, Marketing & Amplifier

Bradley Lapin

Bradley is an experienced telecommunications and logistics visionary who specializes in global relationship-building. A strategic thinker, his entrepreneurial approach transforms businesses into major industry players.

Joining the team in 2015, Bradley is an instrumental advocate who provides the strategic direction for Maplewave’s South African office. Focusing on international business growth and development, Bradley’s vast telecommunications experience is invaluable as Maplewave grows their international footprint and exports their services to the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions.

Prior to joining Maplewave, he was the Managing Director of Ingram Micro South Africa. Under his leadership, they experienced phenomenal growth and became one of the largest and most effective distributors of mobile devices in South Africa.

Bradley also pioneered the concept of “Specialized Integrated Logistics” for several key organizations within South Africa. Additionally, he was instrumental in launching Goldstar/LG’s magnetic tape division in South Africa, successfully competing with industry giants such as TDK and BASF.

He’s also a founding member of the MTEL and MTN telecommunications companies, which he co-established in 1994.

Bradley Lapin

Managing Director, Maplewave International


Ronalda is an accomplished, energetic leader who has been described as relentlessly data driven. With over 15 years of experience maximizing ROI for SMB and Fortune 500 companies alike, her passion for data-driven decision making and growth hacking supports Maplewave’s strategic and tactical business needs.

Ronalda Clifton

VP, Product & Data Strategy

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