Five Must Do's While In London For Total Telecom Congress

Streaming lights from passing busses in London next to UK Phone Booth

If you’re traveling to Total Telecom Congress in London this month, we will see you there!

Our team is pumped to attend the two-day long event focused on helping telcos navigate the digital world. Maplewave’s VP of Marketing and Amplifier, Will Gibson, will debut his new keynoteOmnichannel Re-Imagined: The 42 Customer Journeys Telcos Need Now” for the first time.

But while you’re in London, we hope you take the time to explore and enjoy this vibrant city.

London is one of our favorite places and is a destination with exceptional restaurants, brilliant museums and exquisite sites! Check out our list of London must do’s:

1. Museums

Whether you’re into history, art, culture or all three, you’ll be sure to find a museum that piques your interest. Take your pick from the V&A, Tate Modern, Natural History Museum, British Museum, or Science Museum… just to name a few!

(The Natural History Museum)

2. Carnaby Street

If you love retail as much as we do, you’ll want to stroll down Carnaby Street. This street is filled with shops and boutiques of all kinds. Carnaby Street also hosts Kingly Court, the perfect stop for a tasty bite to eat or a cold beverage.

(Rum Kitchen in Kingly Court)

3. Eat, eat, eat!

When talking about must-sees, we can’t forget to talk about the must-eats! Check out some of the local favorites:

  • Roast Dinner: finding a delicious roast dinner is easier than you may expect – check out any decent pub in London and you’ll be sure to find one.
  • Curry: for a curry, Brick Lane in Spitalfields will be your destination. Brick Lane is home to many wonderful Curry Houses.
  • Fish and Chips: if you’re looking for the best fish and chips, you’ll want to eat at Poppie’s, which is conveniently also in Spitalfields.
  • Pie and Mash: crush your pie and mash craving at Castle’s Pie and Mash in Camden.
  • English Breakfast: start your day with an English breakfast, check out the Regency Cafe in Victoria.

4. Markets

No trip to London would be complete without moseying through a glorious market. Take in the scenes, scents, sounds and tastes of Camden, Borough, Portobello Road, Old Spitalfields or Broadway market!

(Camden Market)

5. Take in the view

Wandering the streets of London, it’s tough to imagine how the city appears from above. Get a birds-eye-view of the city by visiting the Sky Garden. At the top, visitors can take in the panoramic view of the London skyline.

Note: You’ll need to book your visit before you go! Book your reservation online – it’s free!

(Sky Garden View)

Love London too? Think we’ve missed something? Tell us!

As always, you can connect with us on LinkedIn, and if you’re heading to Total Telecom Congress, come visit us in booth #9!

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