Maplewave's Top Reads of the Week

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We love talking tech, telco, customer experience, digital transformation and people! Here’s some of our favourite reads this week.

1. Hudson’s Bay Launches New App to Expand its Digital Customer Experience

The more channels, the merrier! Expanding customer experience into digital channels is necessary to meet the demands of customers. This app has some key capabilities every retail app should have like curated homepages, barcode scanning, and instore purchasing with order tracking.

2. What Verizon Can Learn From Apple About The Power Of A Single Customer Experience

It’s true, a good brand reputation takes years of positive experiences to build, and a moment to destroy it. Telcos are being held to the standards set by OEMs – and it’s not enough to look like them, telcos need to provide the same services and experiences as well.

3. Here are 9 kinds of tech you can expect to see in every store by 2030, according to analysts

It’s hard to imagine what retail will look like in 20 years, but it’s fun to try! New technologies have enormous potential to heighten experiences and boost efficiency in retail. We personally can’t wait to see inventory tracking cameras and more mobile interactions, what about you?

4. 5 Meaningful Examples of Emotional Intelligence at Work

Having empathy and being mindful goes a long way in a workplace. Whether you’re a leader or a team member, having emotional intelligence is key. We love these examples of people who demonstrated emotional intelligence at work.

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