Maplewave's Top Reads of the Week

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What’s new? Here’s our favorite reads this week, from online experiences, to driverless shuttles, to cognitive diversity – we got you covered!

1. The Retail Landscape Isn’t Done Shifting

This article hits the nail on the head, retail isn’t about digital vs. physical – it’s about being connected. Today’s consumers don’t spend less, they spend differently and seek experiences.

2. City of Newcastle to trial its first driverless shuttle bus

Very cool! Imagine travelling a driverless shuttle bus? It’s tech developments like this that create better consumer experiences – by not being solely focused on driving, drivers or chaperones can enhance the experience of passengers by addressing other needs.

3. Cognitive Diversity is the DNA of Innovation

There would be no innovation if we only saw the world in one lens. We agree, cognitively diverse teams offer different points of views and therefore, develop new ideas.

“Innovation requires the ability to question norms, synthesize different views and collaborate to develop unique and powerful solutions. Cognitive diversity is the DNA of innovation.”

This might just be our new favorite quote!

4. Instagram Is Using AI to Warn People Who Are About to Post Hurtful Comments

AI not only creates positive experiences, but can also deter negative ones. The steps Instagram has taken to improve experiences on their platform is an important lesson for all businesses, do the right thing and address the problems people are having with your product.

Read something this week that should be on this list? Share it with us!

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