Maplewave's Top Reads of the Week

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How was your week? From Olympic medals to sales manager training, here’s our favourite reads this week.

1. Tokyo 2020 Olympic medals will be made of recycled mobile phones and electronics

Reduce, reuse, recycle! 6.2 million devices is a lot of devices. Very cool.

2. Why The Customer Journey Matters

It’s true, customer journeys matter – a lot. Are you communicating at the right time, with the right customers, in the right channels?

3 . What consumers really think about retail technology

Retail technology is winning! With more than three out of five shoppers reporting that tech has improved their experience, it’s obvious that implementing new retail tech is key for overcoming those pesky pain-points that disrupt customer experience.

4. UK organisations failing to equip sales managers for success

“Almost a quarter (24%) of sales managers also say their organisation lacks sufficient resources and almost a fifth (19%) feel they don’t receive the support from management they need to succeed in their job.”

Equipping your staff with the right tools and training is crucial to their success – and yours!

If you read something interesting this week, share it with us!

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