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From digital transformation, to engaging the five sense, to encouraging innovation in the workplace, here’s our top reads this week!

1. Breaking Down Physical Barriers For Digital Transformation

We’d be lying if we said there are no barriers to digital transformation. While we agree, legacy systems must be modernized, data must be collect and customer experience is key, we love seeing training listed as a top priority for digital transformation. Train your people and give them the opportunity to succeed.

2. Four Ways AI Is Impacting Logistics and Supply Chain Management

With new tech, comes new potential! Supply chains and customer expectations are already impacted by “light AI” and this impact is only going to grow as AI matures.

3. Retailers Need To Engage Shoppers’ Five Senses To Save Physical Retail

While it might not “save” physical retail, the idea of appealing to the five sense in a unique way is interesting! How can telcos appeal to the visual, auditory, tactile, gustatory and olfactory senses, without going overboard?

4. 5 ways to encourage innovation in the workplace

Innovation is a common goal across companies and sectors. Are you encouraging innovation by incorporating diverse perspectives, seeking multiple intelligences and promoting creative thinking or problem solving?

Think you’ve got a top read that fits this list? Share it with us!

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