Maplewave Paperless - Rogers (Walk Out Working)

Paperless Transforms Rogers’ Walk Out Working Experience

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Since 2015, Rogers Communications has used Maplewave’s Paperless digital contract solution to significantly save on their contract costs, improve their customer experience, and enhance the protection of customer information. Now Rogers is using Paperless to tackle another paper-based process: The Walk Out Working form.


In 2015, Rogers Communications wrote off paper contracts forever. Looking to reduce costs while improving the customer experience and customer data protection, they rolled out Maplewave’s Paperless product to their 2500 locations.

The results were impressive. Paperless has saved Rogers 87% of their contract costs (approx. $1.52 per contract), contracts are signed in half the time, and compliance has increased without affecting transaction times. With over 3 million contracts signed per year in their brick and mortar locations, this represents a significant cost savings for Rogers.

After the success of the initial launch, the focus turned to how Paperless could improve other in-store processes, in particular, the Walk Out Working experience.

Old “Walk Out Working” Process

Like many carriers, Rogers uses a Walk Out Working (WOW) checklist to ensure customers understand the product/service they have just purchased before they leave the store. This can include information on how to mange their account, get support and understand their bill – to ensuring that their phone has been setup with their email and files before they leave. It’s an excellent customer service tool that helps avoid any nasty surprises.

Prior to Paperless, Rogers used a paper-based pamphlet as their WOW checklist. Paper was the downfall of this process. Sales representatives had to remember to complete the checklist, and as a result, the WOW pamphlets were frequently forgotten. In addition to all the other disadvantages of paper (cost, security, etc.), the WOW process went from an experience highlight – to a missed opportunity.

“Walk Out Working” with Paperless

With the latest upgrade to Paperless version 3.0, Maplewave transformed the WOW pamphlet into an automated web-form.

Now instead of having to remember the pamphlet, the WOW form automatically appears onscreen as soon as the contract has been signed. With no extra steps to remember, WOW is now a seamless part of the sales process.

The webform takes the customer and the sales representative through the checklist. At the end, the customer digitally signs the WOW form using Paperless, to confirm that all aspects of their setup are complete.

After the WOW form has been signed, it is stored on the Paperless server along with the original signed contract, making retrieval and auditing a fast and easy process. The customer is emailed a copy, which contains direct links to web service pages, and app downloads.


Paperless’ WOW form provides benefits for both customers, and Rogers.

For customers, the last step of their in-store experience goes from potentially confusing – to a highlight. The WOW process ensures all their questions are answered before they leave, and they are emailed a copy so they always have a handy reference. NPS figures have increased in the control stores as a direct result.

There are many benefits from a corporate perspective as well. Because WOW forms are stored on the Paperless server, Rogers can use Paperless’ powerful audit features to effortlessly retrieve all WOW forms to ensure that they were completed for every transaction. This means it’s now feasible to tie the completion of the WOW form to staff and dealer compensation, ensuring that this experience is given each and every time.

And because customers are better informed before they leave, Rogers is seeing less calls to customer care. Visits to the self-help page have soared and downloads of all of the featured apps have also increased. This has been a particularly big win for Rogers.


Paperless has transformed the in-store experience for Rogers. In addition to the huge cost savings Rogers was already enjoying, the new automated WOW process has further transformed the customer experience, giving Rogers a true competitive advantage.

If you’re ready to revolutionize your in-store experience, contact Maplewave to see how we can transform you into an industry leader.