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Sure Mobile Uses Paperless to Save $1.44 Per Contract

Inside Sure Wireless store featuring product on display on white tables


Burdened by expensive and inefficient paper processes, Cable & Wireless Sure needed a contract revolution. They needed a solution that would save time and costs, while making it easy to search for and retrieve contracts. Maplewave’s Paperless was the answer.


Cable & Wireless Sure is a wireless carrier operating out of the United Kingdom. Their Paperless launch took place in Guernsey, Jersey, and Isle of Man in April, 2012. They continue to use Paperless today.

Paperless was implemented based on a desire to increase customer satisfaction levels, improve operational efficiency, and decrease costs.

Sure Mobile was purchased from Cable & Wireless Communications by Batelco in 2013.

The Problem

Cable & Wireless Sure had a paper problem. Every new customer agreement presented an operational challenge: It had to be printed, shipped, stored and scanned – every page of it. Paper was also used for Porting Requests, Data Roaming, New or Extension Contracts, Change Address/Tariffs, Direct Debit and Cease Contract.

Cable & Wireless Sure recognized that paper-based cellular contracts were proving to be expensive and inefficient. Challenges were identified in several key areas:

  • Contract Storage
  • Contract Retrieval
  • Customer Experience
  • Cost
  • Security

Cable & Wireless Sure’s Retail Operations Controller, John Harvey, was tasked with finding a way to reduce costs and improve business processes around cellular contracts.


Before Paperless, CSRs were frustrated trying to help their customers with simple questions regarding bills or contract terms. It would take a considerable amount of time to locate a contract – that is, IF the contract was located at all. If a contract was not found or was incomplete, the revenue would have to be written off. This was unacceptable for Sure and the customer.

John was troubled by the large volume of paper in the stores and in-transit, as well as the increased risk of contracts being lost or stolen. The risk of identity theft represented another concern altogether. Dispute resolution and contract inquiries were often time-consuming, frustrating endeavours due to the inefficiency of contract retrieval.

The in-store experience failed to stand out from the competition. Paper contracts are expensive. Hard costs include paper, printers, toner, couriers, labour, storage, etc. If a document needed to be retrieved, the costs (and delays) increase exponentially.

The Solution

Maplewave Paperless is a superior storage solution. Since implementation, contracts are now automatically stored on a secure server after signing. The costs and risks of shipping, storing, and processing contracts have been eliminated. Now, the electronic contracts can be accessed almost instantly, and built-in search capabilities ensures that contracts are located quickly and easily.

Paperless has transformed the customer experience. Contract questions are answered quickly, freeing CSRs to spend more time serving customers. Welcome packs and how-to guides are now emailed directly to the customers – often before they leave the store. Customers are impressed with this technology and are excited to use the signature pad and see their signature in electronic format.

Staff and customers thoroughly enjoyed the digital signing process. Paperless has provided the most effective solution to their numerous challenges. This purpose-built solution specifically designed for Retail Cellular does not merely enable an electronic signature; it re-engineers the entire business process. At the same time, it provides benefits across the Corporation.


Sure has enjoyed savings of US$1.44 per transaction, and a savings of US$.28 per transaction on paper alone.

  • Paper Cost Breakdown
  • Services: 5%
  • Supplies: 6%
  • Space: 7%
  • Equipment: 12%
  • Labour: 70%


Paperless has transformed the experience in Sure Retail stores; the secure, digital signing process delights customers while provided unparalleled control over contracts. It has also produced a huge cost savings, giving the Operator a true competitive advantage.

If you’re ready to revolutionize your in-store experience, contact Maplewave to see how we can transform you into an industry leader.