Telecom Consulting Services.

Maplewave’s telecom consultants use their global experience to optimize your channel strategy, solve your short-term pain points, and prepare you for what comes next.

Expert Guidance For Every Pain Point.

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Strategy & Planning

Determine which channels make sense for your market and create a plan that drives maximum ROI from them.

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Purchasing Experience

Craft a memorable, efficient customer experience through careful design and planning.

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Ensure operations and staff are running at peak performance, guaranteeing maximum profitability.

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Solution Optimization

Ensure systems support customer journeys and enable seamless experiences across every channel.

Immersive Consulting That Delivers Results.

Our immersive telecom consulting approach gives us an intimate understanding of your pain points so we can identify short and long-term solutions that will bring your goals within reach.

Explore Our Consulting Process
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Featured Services.

Benchmark Telco Retail Assessment

Our deep-dive retail assessment evaluates and benchmarks your retail experience against key competitors.

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Benchmark Telco Retail Assessment

Telco Sales Training

Our telco sales training course teaches your staff advanced techniques that build customer loyalty and increase sales.

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Cloud Migration Consulting

Our telecom consultants leverage their firsthand AWS migration experience to help you migrate to the Public Cloud.

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Strategy & Planning.

Channel Strategy

We can help determine which channels make sense for your market, and how to execute them to drive the maximum ROI.

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Purchasing Experience.

Store Design

We can help with your store layout and design to create a positive experience that encourages customers to buy.

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Retail Marketing

We can help attract customers to your stores by developing effective marketing, product messaging, and displays.

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Store Operations

We can help optimize your merchandising, education, and repair processes to ensure your store is efficient and effective.

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Customer Experience

We can optimize your physical and digital channels to ensure they deliver a seamless customer experience.

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We can assess if your stores are properly staffed, assess competency, and advise if there is balance across your entire estate.

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Training & Communications

We can provide telco staff training that delivers an incredible ROI or help refine your communications strategy.

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Dealer & Employee Commissions

We can revamp or develop commission structures for your dealers and store employees.

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Compliance & Risk

We can help implement retail store security protocols that reduce risk and potential stock losses.

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Supply Chain & Logistics

We can evaluate your supply chain and identify ways to improve your forecasting, working capital, and ROI.

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IT Architecture

We can identify gaps in your IT architecture, or help you transition to enterprise cloud solutions.

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Solution Optimization.

Platform Implementation

We can maximize your platform implementation ROI by advising on fine details such as hardware placement, training plans, and optimal configurations.

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Managed Services

We can help manage your reporting, product catalog, and support needs, freeing you to focus on other areas of your business.

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