Customer Experience Consultants.

Maplewave’s telecom consultants can optimize your physical and digital channels to ensure they deliver a seamless customer experience.

Customer Experience Evaluation.

It’s common for telcos to manage a mix of 20+ physical and digital channels. Our consultants can refine your experience in all channels to ensure it’s efficient, engaging, and works cohesively with all touchpoints.

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Implement Walk Out Working procedures that reduce post-sale support needs and strain on contact centres.

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Implement mystery shopping programs to identify and resolve experience breakdowns and improve telco NPS scores.

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Deploy new digital channel strategies so customers can connect with their local store without leaving home.

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Conduct Time & Motion studies to identify and resolve breaks in the customer journey, increasing the number of sales per hour.

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Map customer journeys to see how customers move around the store and how to improve their end-to-end experience.

Immersive Consulting That Delivers Results.

Our immersive approach gives us an intimate understanding of your pain points so we can identify short and long-term solutions that will bring your goals within reach.

Our Consulting Process
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Featured Service:
Benchmark Assessment.

Maplewave’s proprietary deep-dive retail assessment evaluates all aspects of your retail experience and benchmarks your performance against key competitors.

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Scores your retail experience across 135 points.

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Results are benchmarked against regional and global standards.

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Reveals your strengths and weaknesses.

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Identifies quick wins, cross-functional projects, and long-term strategies for the next 5 years.

Chat with Richard Stirling.

Richard is an award-winning retail leader who specializes in large transformation projects. His expertise in telecom customer experience and process improvement is key to bringing an exceptional experience to life. Whether you’re looking to understand your customer traffic flow or undergo a complete retail assessment, Richard can help you develop a remarkable experience.

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Richard Stirling Head of Retail Operations

Frequently Asked Questions.

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We already have great NPS stats and customer feedback, why should we look at this again?

Fresh eyes make all the difference! Many telcos get complacent when they achieve high satisfaction and NPS scores - even if they still are getting hundreds of complaints. Often, there are issues with how these surveys were written and adjusted. If you haven’t fundamentally changed your survey methodology in the last 2 years, you are likely getting false data.

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How do we know if we are delivering a better experience than our competitors?

We will tell you! Our consultants are well versed in analyzing entire markets. We will identify any pain points your customers are feeling, then recommend proven methods that can resolve them. By developing the best experience, we can help you take a leadership position in your market.

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What services do you provide in this area and how can you help us improve?

We can review your entire methodology, including the tools and systems you use, the questions you ask, and how you use data to reward and motivate. We specialize in driving retail behaviour changes and have helped multiple service providers with their methodologies. We become an extension of your team and work quickly to drive improvements.

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