Dealer and Employee Commission Consultants.

Maplewave’s telecom consultants can revamp or develop commission structures for your dealers and store employees.

Dealer & Employee Commissions Evaluation.

Commissions are a great tool to incentivize staff and dealer performance. Our consultants can help you consider the fine details when developing and implementing your commission plans.

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Create dealer commission and model rate cards to drive sales and profitability.

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Develop new employee commission agreements that drive performance.

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Create franchisee onboarding plans to maximize business performance.

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Recommend automated systems to control all aspects of spivs and payments.

Immersive Consulting That Delivers Results.

Our immersive approach gives us an intimate understanding of your pain points so we can identify short and long-term solutions that will bring your goals within reach.

Our Consulting Process
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Chat with Will Gibson.

Will is an award-winning telecom consultant who has consulted on retail environments in over 60 countries. Will intimately understands the many factors that make a great retail experience and uses his expertise to bring this to life. Reach out to Will to get started today!

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Will Gibson VP Sales & Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions.

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What services do you provide in this area and how can you help us improve?

We review all aspects of your commissions, starting with your dealer or franchise contracts and how rewards trickle down. Then, we review the commissions process, including how often reward charts or rate cards are updated, how often employees receive rewards, and why.

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How often should we be reviewing rate cards and commission schemes?

As often as possible! This will give you the flexibility to change prices and quickly introduce new products and services into the market, ensuring you stay nimble and agile.

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I think we may be paying our dealers too much. How can you determine if this is true?

We will review your contract in detail, and then conduct an in-person assessment of your physical operations. From there, we follow the data and make sure a thorough analysis is prepared to help you with the business case.

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