IT Architecture Consultants for Telecoms.

Maplewave’s telecom consultants can identify gaps in your IT architecture, or help you transition to enterprise cloud solutions.  

IT Architecture Evaluation.

Your systems are only as effective as the IT infrastructure that supports them. Our consultants can help replace your supporting infrastructure with solutions that enable modern ways of selling.

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Identify gaps in your IT ecosystem.

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Examine if your vendors are operating within architecture best practices.

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Recommend modern security methods that reduce data breaches and save money.

Immersive Consulting That Delivers Results.

Our immersive approach gives us an intimate understanding of your pain points so we can identify short and long-term solutions that will bring your goals within reach.

Our Consulting Process
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Featured Service:
Cloud Migration Consulting.

Maplewave’s Cloud consultants use their real-world experience to guide your transition to the public Cloud.

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Plan/review Cloud infrastructure in line with best practices.

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Optimize your security settings to keep your data safe.

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Help you choose the best pricing plan.

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Manage your ongoing security, infrastructure, and application requirements.

Chat with Grant Carstensen.

Grant is an accomplished IT professional with a strong background in telecom solutions. His expertise in architecture, roadmaps, and product delivery helps telcos attain their project goals. Whether you’re looking to identify gaps in your systems, or need help with your AWS migration, Grant can help you achieve your goals.

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Grant Carstensen SVP Product & Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions.

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Our back-end IT systems are strictly governed. How can we choose a front-end system that keeps our IT colleagues happy?

A single-front-end platform is the only way to deliver a modern, digitally focused omnichannel experience. This change requires alignment between operations and IT. 

If APIs are available, some integrations and capability can be delivered with little to no change on the IT side. If not, a phased approach can match the pace of integration/API investment.

Maplewave can provide a channel engagement layer on top of legacy systems without requiring their replacement (if some level of integration, support, and APIs are available). This approach can deliver key benefits without a massive change to your IT landscape.

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We have different systems for different channels. Is that a good tactic?

It depends on what your goals are. Separate solutions will allow you to quickly execute on specific channel strategies. 

However, a fragmented approach makes omnichannel journeys challenging as you must work with multiple vendors and integrate all the solutions. This is the most expensive way to do an omnichannel project.

With solutions for every telecom channel, our platform easily integrates every system for the best experience and lowest total cost of ownership.

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What is the key to digital transformation in consumer telecom? There are 4 things you must consider for a successful digital transformation:

There are 4 things you must consider for a successful digital transformation:

  • Define Your Goals: Do you want to be a Digital Services Provider, transform your experience, or both?

  • Envision Your System Architecture: Understand the roles of your current systems and create an architectural vision of where you’d like to go.

  • Streamline Your Vendors: If possible, reduce your vendor count to simplify your project execution.

  • Select The Right Platform: Select a platform/provider that:

    • Understands telecom and provides features and capabilities aligned with industry goals, standards, and best practices.

    • Provides open APIs that can be leveraged in integrated sales and fulfillment workflows.

We have the solutions and expertise to help you execute your digital transformation. Reach out and we can discuss your unique situation.

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