Telecom Training Consultants.

Maplewave’s telecom consultants can provide telco staff training that delivers an incredible ROI or help refine your communications strategy.

Training & Communications Evaluation.

Your salespeople’s performance has a significant impact on profitability and customer satisfaction. Our consultants can implement a comprehensive telecoms training and communications strategy that builds high-performing teams.

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Identify gaps in your training and communications strategies.

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Rewrite your comms strategy and determine how and when communications are sent.

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Ensure your retail staff training program includes regular bulletins about new products, services, and procedures.

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Deploy a Learning Management System for ongoing training.

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Develop a comprehensive induction program.

Immersive Consulting That Delivers Results.

Our immersive approach gives us an intimate understanding of your pain points so we can identify short and long-term solutions that will bring your goals within reach.

Our Consulting Process
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Featured Service:
Showtime Telco Sales Training.

Maplewave’s telco sales training course teaches participants essential sales and communications skills that build rapport and close sales.

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The only telco sales training course built by industry experts.

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Teaches NLP sales training principles to build customer loyalty and increase sales.

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Classroom and e-learning options fit any situation/budget.

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Reduces turnover and increases profitability.

Chat with Richard Stirling.

Richard is an award-winning retail leader who specializes in training and store operations. Whether you’re looking to revamp your internal communications or invest in a widespread telecom sales training program, Richard can help you ensure your staff achieve the highest levels of performance.

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Richard Stirling Head of Retail Operations

Frequently Asked Questions.

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We already provide extensive e-learning to our staff; do we really need more training?

You can never have too much training, but the quality of materials matters a lot. Many e-learning articles are general pieces lazily copied from the web. Because they’re not industry-specific, the material can be painful to complete and difficult to retain. Our training materials are designed by telecom experts and use games and assessments to make lessons fun, relevant and memorable.

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We send a lot of emails to our staff. How can you help us here?

Email is not a great way to communicate with a busy retail chain. We always recommend a portal to ensure communications are read and understood by everyone, from store managers to part-time staff. There is a real science to effective communication - we can show you how to do this.

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How are training and communications linked and what are some global best practices?

These two areas go hand in hand. Regular communication ensures learning isn’t a one-time activity. Best practices include using a combination of communication methods, gamification, assessments, classroom training, and e-learning content. We can help you build an effective training and communications plan that drives profitability and operational improvements.

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