Excel During COVID-19

5 Solutions for Telco

Is COVID-19 negatively impacting your business? It’s not too late to get the upper hand.

As the telco industry’s premier commerce platform provider, Maplewave has the digital tools you need to enable transactions in all channels, and the flexibility to support new journeys that you never thought you needed - until now.

We are here to help. We have identified 5 common pain points - and how our solutions can solve them.

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Control Store Traffic

Retail success is synonymous with a busy store. But now that physical distancing has become the new norm, telcos need to make significant adjustments to how they manage store traffic.

Maplewave and Statflo have jointly innovated a new solution that allows telcos to safely operate without lineups while still providing excellent customer service.

  • Handles both appointments and walk up traffic simultaneously.
  • Customers receive notifications when it’s safe to enter the store, eliminating lineups and allowing them to wait in a safe location of their choosing.
  • Customers and staff receive a safe, stress-free experience.
  • Staffing can be optimized based on demand to maximize sales; promotes digital channel adoption/strategy.

In a time that makes it difficult to serve customers, let alone delight them, we can help you implement a cutting-edge solution that deepens relationships and builds long-lasting loyalty with customers and staff alike.

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Door to Door Sales

When your customers can’t come to you, go to them instead. All over the world, telcos are looking for innovative solutions to bring their stores to their customers’ doorsteps.

Maplewave’s mobile version of our Transact point of sale, coupled with our Paperless digital contract solution, gives telcos everything they need to process key transactions from any location.

  • Process bill payments, top ups, prepaid SIM sales, fixed line transactions, and more.
  • Supports signature collection, contract signing and identity capture.
  • Requires minimal equipment – just a laptop or tablet, internet hotspot, and these two programs.

Selling shouldn’t stop just because your customers can’t come into your store. We can help you remain profitable and build customer loyalty during these challenging times.

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Curbside Pick Up

Who hasn’t taken advantage of curbside pickup these days? It’s convenient and safe for customers and staff alike. With the right commerce platform, new strategies like curbside pickup are effortless to implement.

Established features within our Transact point of sale allow orders to be built and paused until the customer can pick them up. We can easily configure our solution for your curbside pickup needs.

  • Take orders by phone, email, chat or through Shopify.
  • Builds orders, reserves stock, take deposits, and manages inventory.
  • Can integrate with local couriers for home delivery, or e-comm sites for online ordering.

Our existing comprehensive functionality makes it effortless to make pivots like these. We can help you establish this safe, convenient shopping option for your customers.

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Outbound Marketing

Your customers have been stuck at home for some time now. What are they doing? Spending time on their devices (and likely growing increasingly frustrated with their limitations!). Now is the perfect time to ramp up your marketing efforts.

Maplewave partners with outbound marketing firms. Using our platform’s rich customer history data, they are able to carry out targeted telephone campaigns.

  • Smart lists and contact information are provided for outbound campaigns.
  • Campaigns are highly targeted; offers are based on actual usage and upgrade cycle.
  • Can be connected to door-to door sales and curbside solutions.

It’s crucial to keep your business moving. We can easily help you start generating more interest for your products and services.

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Supply Chain

In our current situation, the mantra “right product, right place, right time has never been more important. With large fluctuations in sales, telcos must adjust their demand planning for our “new normal”.

We are experts in inventory and supply chain management in the telco space. Our Supply and Warehouse Management solutions have been tailored for the telco industry.

  • Expertly manage inventory at the retail and warehouse levels.
  • Real-time view of inventory across all locations for unmatched visibility.
  • Robust controls optimize your demand planning, stock transfers, aging and more.

Ensure your stock levels are always “just right”. We can help give you superior control over your inventory management with the flexibility to adjust to immediate and long-term demands.

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