Queue Management - Technical Features.

Explore the technical features of our queue management system.


Identify Reason For Visiting

  • Select the customer’s reason for visiting so it’s visible to other staff.

Identify the Customer

  • Identify the customer and add them to specific queues (e.g. phone sale, technical service).

  • Locate current customers by name, phone, or ID number.

  • Add new customer records from the tablet.

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Customer Notes

  • Enter identifying notes (e.g. red hat).

Access Queue On The Tablet

  • Access/view the queue directly from a tablet.

  • View customer’s wait time, reason for visiting, and any notes.

  • Remove customers from the queue and serve them on the tablet (Sales Assist).

Access Queue On The Point of Sale

  • Queue can be accessed from Maplewave’s POS.

  • Remove customers from the queue and assist them at a fixed POS terminal.

Technician Web Queue

  • Customers with technical queries are added to a dedicated Technician Web Queue.

  • Technicians view the queue from their web browser.


Allows customers to:

  • Add themselves to the queue via QR code, SMS or from a website.

  • Enter their personal details and reason for visiting.

  • See their queue position so they can wait elsewhere.

  • Get notified when they’re next up, and when to enter.

  • Select “I’m running late” to move one position back in the queue.

  • Remove themselves from the queue.

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  • Roles control which functionality staff can access.

  • Sales Role gives access to the main application.

  • Full Role gives access to administrative features.

System Integrations.

Maplewave Platform

Maplewave’s Greeting/Queueing solution works seamlessly with the rest of our platform.

  • Sales Assist:  Lets staff build orders from anywhere in the store, continuing the line-free experience.

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