Route Planning & Optimization - Technical Features.

Explore the technical features of our Route Planning & Optimization solution.

Driver Deliveries.

Route Planning

  • Plans routes based on scheduled deliveries.

  • Adapts as deliveries are added or removed.

  • Provides on-route navigation.

  • Notifies HQ when driver arrives at a destination.

  • Sends alerts if driver deviates from route.

  • Supports geocoding of recipient locations.

Vehicle Inspection

Driver can be asked to capture information before departure:

  • Tire tread depth.

  • License expiry data.

  • Odometer readings.

Proof of Delivery

  • Products are scanned when removed from the vehicle.

  • Invoice can be sent via email or SMS.

  • Captures:

    • GPS position.

    • Recipient name.

    • Product detail.

    • Signatures.

    • Photographs

    • Date/time stamps upon arrival and departure.

Return to Depot Balancing

  • Remaining product is scanned as it’s offloaded.

  • System determines if there are any product shortages.

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Recipient Experience.


  • See planned deliveries, including items, address, and status.

  • Reschedule to a different location or a new date/time.

  • Multiple options for delivery location changes, including self-pickup.

  • View the current location of the driver in real-time.

  • Get notified when a delivery is complete.

  • Rate the delivery partner.


Backend Server Application (Maplewave Platform)

  • Pushes/pulls data to the mobile application and collects data that’s uploaded from each mobile device.

Mobile Application

  • Drivers can capture and send data, view information, and make plans and requests.

  • Recipients can view delivery plans, reschedule a delivery, track progress, and rate the courier.

Communication Infrastructure

  • Supports on-premise backend systems.

  • Mobile units will synchronize in real-time with the server.

  • Monitors communications to ensure the receipt and distribution of data and manages data integrity.

Integration Layer

  • Links telco data warehouse to backend server.

  • Ensures timeouts and data are accurately fed to the mobile devices and returned into databases.

GIS Systems

  • Algorithms optimize drivers’ routes and time windows.

  • Generates real-time ETAs, communicates to recipient.

  • Proof of Delivery can be completed digitally using Paperless solution or can be printed.

Website Access

  • Recipients and drivers can search, view ETA information, driver location, proof of delivery, driver reallocation, etc.

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  • Assigns geographic coordinates to street addresses.

  • Automated address matching and manual geocoding for accurate delivery addresses.

  • Provides coordinates for navigation and route savings.

  • Uses historical GPS positions for future deliveries.

System Integrations.

Maplewave Platform

Maplewave’s Route Planning & Optimization solution works seamlessly with the rest of our platform.

  • Indirect Sales App:  Integrates with our Indirect Sales solution so deliveries are triggered when purchase orders are created.

  • Warehouse Management System: Distribution system integrates with our WMS to create an end-to-end supply chain from warehouse to customer.

  • Paperless Transactions: Proof of deliveries can be signed electronically using our Paperless solution.

  • Inventory Management: Integrates with dealers’ inventory management system for seamless inventory passthrough.

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