Sales Assist.

Maplewave's Sales Assist solution builds orders from anywhere on the sales floor, giving customers a personal, line-free experience.

Give Customers A Free-Range Experience.

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Sell From Anywhere

Build orders from anywhere in the store for an engaging, line-free experience.

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View Customer History

View the customer’s entire purchase history and make the best recommendations.

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Compare Devices & Plans

Compare multiple devices and plan options from the telecom product catalog in a single view.

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Simplifies Upselling

Recommends compatible accessories for effortless upselling.

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Integrated Order Completion

Build and finalize the order on the tablet or push it to the POS for completion.

Key Functionality.

Sell From Anywhere In The Store

Our Sales Assist solution builds orders from anywhere in the store, freeing staff from fixed terminals and giving customers a dynamic experience.

  • Select devices, plans, and accessories right from the tablet.

  • Compare devices and plans in a single view for simple decision making.

  • View current inventory levels in real-time.

  • Finalize orders on the tablet or forward them to the POS.

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Evaluate Your Store Experience.

Our tablet-based tool creates a barrier-free, personalized store experience that customers love.

Exceptional Return On Investment.

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Cost Savings

Simple interface reduces training costs.

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Operational Efficiency

Streamlines store traffic and eliminates lineups.

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Improves Profitability

Comparison tools simplify decisions and increase sales.

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Better Together.

Maplewave’s Sales Assist solution works seamlessly with the rest of our platform.

Point of Sale: Pre-built orders can be sent to the POS for completion at fixed terminals, as needed. View Solution>

Inventory Management:  View real-time inventory information from the tablet. View Solution >

BI & Reporting: All sales activity can be tracked in real-time, down to the transaction-level. View Solution >

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Implementation Consulting.

Our consultants can further guide your project, ensuring you maximize your return on investment.

  • Deliver sales training that teaches consultative selling.

  • Improve store design to support free-flowing transactions.

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Featured Case Study.


Maplewave’s Sales Assist solution helped Digicel elevate their service at their flagship stores.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

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Will it be a lot of work for our head office to administer the constant price and range changes?

Not as much as you’d think! Our Plan Management team can manage this for you. Simply send us your device/plan changes and any accompanying copy, and we will push these changes to the tablet. We will even source device images! This is a common managed service for our clients.

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By showing customers what is out of stock locally, won’t that drive them to a competitor?

No, this is actually a better experience. Staff don’t need to abandon customers to check the stock room and can use the comparison tool to recommend equivalent or better devices. If needed, staff can use the POS to check inventory at nearby stores, creating a true omnichannel experience for your customers.

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How do we manage the tablets? I’m concerned about charging, safe storage, and security.

We have a lot of experience helping our clients with these common concerns. There are a range of methods available to fit every size, budget, and market culture. Our consultants can recommend the best method for your situation.

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