Leigh Anne Dingwall

Leigh Anne Dingwall

VP Human Resources

Leigh Anne is a decisive and innovative HR and Communications leader. She brings a wealth of experience developing strategic partnerships and talent management programs in the public and private sectors.

Joining Maplewave in 2015, Leigh Anne’s passion for promoting excellence in human capital has facilitated the growth of quality, long-standing relationships, both internally and externally.

Leigh Anne received a Master’s in Human Resource Management from York University and an undergraduate degree in Commerce from Saint Mary’s University. She currently teaches Strategic Human Resource Management and Organizational Leadership and Development at Mount Saint Vincent University in a part-time capacity. A facilitator with the National Coaches Institute in Toronto, Leigh Anne has also delivered HR training as part of the elite Canadian Coaches program over the last five years.

Leigh Anne is actively involved in the Cape Breton Hospice Society and various political organizations. She currently resides in Bedford, NS with her young family.