Roberta Keough

Roberta Keough

Director, Sales Operations & Retail Portfolios

An expert in telecommunications and retail, Roberta is passionate about service and championing the ever-changing needs of the customer. She joined Maplewave in 2013 and leads the Client Services and Managed Services teams, bringing key performance measures to her dedicated teams through strong leadership.

Before Maplewave, Roberta immersed herself in the Canadian telecommunications industry, holding leadership positions in customer service, operations and project management within the Bell and Rogers dealer and corporate channels.

She has also enjoyed 20 years in various roles within the retail landscape. Her experience in sales, marketing, front-store retail and customer service has given her a broad understanding of the retail environment and the importance that POS systems hold within it.

A true leader in retail, she understands the unique needs and expectations of retail clients and uses her experience to deliver an uncompromising level of service.

Roberta is a true Maritimer who was born in Nova Scotia, loves NS summers and tolerates the cold only long enough to walk her beloved dog Rudy.