Will Gibson

Will Gibson

VP Marketing & Amplifier

As the Retail Business Optimization Lead for Maplewave, Will is an award-winning consultant who offers insight and concrete solutions to retailers who are looking to take their business to the next level.

Will’s retail experience spans over 20 years and 60 countries and includes major retail projects for international blue-chip companies. In the past, he has worked for several multinational telco’s including Vodafone, Blackberry and Cable and Wireless.

Will combines his robust telco experience with his expertise in retail customer experience and total business transformations to deliver true thought leadership. He uses his can-do mindset to collaborate and drive positive change on every project.

With his sense of camaraderie and competitive nature, he played for his local cricket club for over 15 years, leading his team to victory as captain in the Division B2 championship in 2011 and to second place in 2014.  Nowadays, he is passionate about golf and enjoys playing on a traditional seaside course in the North East of England.

Will resides in England with his wife, Vick; their two-year-old son, Elijah; a German Shephard named Nisha; and a cat named Valentina.