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Telco is unlike any other industry on the planet.
Shouldn’t your retail solutions be the same?

Maplewave is the premier provider of software and retail transformation services for the telco industry — specialising in telco retail. Since the early 1990’s, we’ve purposefully built our products to suit telco’s unique needs. We are experts at carrier-level deployments, which can sometimes involve integrating up to 30 different systems into a seamless experience that will benefit the customer journey.

Our software is used in over 40 countries; in many places, you can’t buy a mobile phone without using Maplewave software.

As a company that is fully immersed in the industry, our telco retail consultants offer thought leadership and expertise on all aspects of your business through our Amplifier Process.

If you’re looking for cutting-edge telecommunications solutions and want to elevate your business or prepare for future challenges, we want to be your long-term telecommunications partner. Please drop us a line or visit us today!

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Telco Benefits

Telco Specialists

All of our products and services have been designed with telco retail in mind. Unlike other generic RMS providers, we leverage our industry knowledge to develop products that solve each carrier’s unique pain points. Before any project, we analyze our customers’ challenges and in-store processes so we can tailor our deployment to solve their unique needs, which will in turn, enhance the telco customer experience.


We specialize in integration. When we deploy our Retail Platform, we sometimes have to integrate up to 30 different systems into our single, end-to-end solution. Common integrations include ERP, financial and billing systems, activation portals, CRMs, loyalty systems, payment providers, etc.

Agile Deployments

We customize our off-the-shelf functionality and deliver it with unparalleled speed to market, all while ensuring industry best practices are followed.

Transaction Speed & Reliability

A great sales system needs to have strong interfaces that support the multitude of use cases in a mobile retail environment; this is what ensures a single-entry, tightly-integrated sales process.

Market-Leading Customer Experience

Our retail systems delight customers as they participate in an unequaled buying experience. The sales process is interactive, and sales representatives have a 360-degree view of the customer at their fingertips to drive the right decisions and offer the best customer experience possible.

Real-Time, End-to-End Visibility

We provide a single view of all channels and interactions in real-time through powerful business intelligence and visualization tools. The system supports KPIs, targeting and interactive dashboards in real-time. This information simplifies complex decisions so that adjustments can be made rapidly and confidently.

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