How Companies Can Support Mental Health

young professionals putting their hands in over a desk

October 10th is World Mental Health Day. Today, we may learn of the hurdles faced by our friends, family, or co-workers; we may mourn those who’ve passed away, or we may even share our own experiences. Days like this humbly remind us of mental health’s invisibility and simultaneously inspire us to consider what we cannot see.

Whether World Mental Health Day serves as a reminder to check-in with loved ones, or to better tend to ourselves – we all need to remember to care about our mental health, not just our physical health.

As narratives surrounding mental health continue to evolve, it’s important to consider how we are fostering mentally healthy workplaces. We spend 35+ hours of our week at work – it’s no surprise that the environment we work in affects our mental health.

The benefits of providing a healthy workplace further emphasize the importance. For example, psychologically healthy workplaces see better employee morale and engagement, job satisfaction, retention, and productivity.  It’s crucial for everyone’s well-being that companies and employers create psychologically healthy workplaces that allow employees to work safely and comfortably.

At Maplewave, we uphold a “Common Sense Approach” – because employee support just makes sense to us. We believe that providing consistent and genuine support for all staff will not only keep them healthy, but also help end the stigmas and barriers surrounding mental health and care.

Support comes in many shapes and sizes. In honour of World Mental Health Day, here are some of the ways Maplewave promotes a healthy workplace:

  1. We provide a benefits package from day one that supports counselling, medical expenses, prescriptions, and more, to ensure our employees have access to these important tools.

  1. We offer an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Our EAP provides our employees and their dependents with confidential counselling and information services.

  1. We offer a Health Spending Account that can help top-up benefits coverage or cover unexpected expenses to help support employee needs.

  1. We encourage employee participation. Whether it’s including them in decision-making, or simply encouraging someone to attend a staff lunch, including people will boost their morale.

  1. We promote a work/life balance. We give employees the flexibility to deal with personal matters during worktime without penalty, such as doctor’s appointments.

  1. We offer health and wellness programs that facilitate mental and physical health. This includes discounted gym memberships, Zumba classes, and various seminars.

If you’re an employee, we encourage you to check out the services and programs offered by your employer to keep you healthy! If you’re an employer, small steps can go a long way in establishing a healthy workplace. Feel free to borrow some of the ideas above – your staff will be better for it!

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