Telecom Transactions in Every Channel.

Give your customers the flexibility to shop anytime, anyplace, using any combination of digital and physical channels.

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Let Your Customers Shop Anytime, Anyplace.

An omnichannel strategy lets customers shop how and when they want. Our “Transact Anywhere” omnichannel approach delivers a seamless, consistent purchasing experience, whether that occurs at a kiosk, in a flagship store, at a pop-up event, or using an app.

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Unite All Your Channels & Systems.

Disconnected systems harm your experience and performance. Our omnichannel platform can be deployed quickly to unite every channel, touchpoint, and third-party system into a single interface. Our range of physical and digital solutions work together to transform your operations.

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Bring Your Channel Strategy To Life.

The right solutions are important, but execution is everything. Our telecom consultants use their global experience to identify quick wins and develop long-term strategies. From channel strategy to store operations, we can overcome any pain point and prepare you for what comes next.

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Why Choose Maplewave?

Every telco’s pain points are different, which is why “one-size-fits-all” solutions miss the mark. Our highly configurable platform and services work together to create a personalized solution that can be deployed quickly for immediate results.

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