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Self-Service in Telecoms

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about telecom self-service, in one place. In this blog, we’ve compiled several resources that give the inside scoop on how telcos can create a great self-service experience.

From Wellness To Wellbeing: The 4 Pillars of Employee Support

How can employers support employee wellbeing during these times? With a multi-pronged wellness program, of course! In this blog, Maplewave’s VP of HR, Leigh Anne Dingwall discusses designing wellness programs that fit your company.

5 Companies Who Are Doing Self-Service Right

Self-service options are the retail experiences of the future. In this blog, we examine 5 great examples of self-service, and the lessons that telcos can take from them.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Telecom Self-Service Solutions

Self-service channels have become a huge opportunity for telecoms amid the pandemic! Here’s our list of do’s and don’ts for including these solutions in your channel strategy.

The Top 8 Benefits of Digital Platforms

The telco industry is rife with complex infrastructure and poor customer experiences. In his latest blog, Will Gibson explores the 8 benefits of digital platforms and how they solve telcos’ pain points.

Does Maplewave Really Walk the Corporate Culture Talk? A Newbie’s Investigation

Is working for Maplewave as fun and flexible as advertised? Our brand-new HR hire, Bailey, shares the findings of her investigation and explores how our people really feel about Maplewave’s culture.

Part 2: A Supply Chain Q&A with Maplewave’s SVP of Global Development

In Part 2, we’ve posed 4 more questions regarding supply chain resilience, the impact of COVID-19, and what the future looks like to Brad Lapin, SVP of Global Business Development at Maplewave. ‍

Part 1: A Supply Chain Q&A with Maplewave's SVP of Global Business Development

In this blog, we’ve posed 3 questions about supply chain partners, building stronger supply chains, and omnichannel enablement to Brad Lapin, SVP of Global Business Development at Maplewave.

3 Customer Expectations Accelerated By COVID-19

To stay competitive and promote customer loyalty, telcos need to meet customer's new expectations – and do it quickly. Read about the three customer expectations that telcos need to meet in this blog.

Maplewave’s Journey to the Cloud - Part 4

This is our fourth post in the series that documents Maplewave’s journey to transition our IT infrastructure to the public cloud. Follow the links for Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

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