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Edition #18: 7 Essential Capabilities Your E-commerce Solution Must Have For Telco Transactions

In this edition of Telco Talk, I will continue the e-commerce conversation and examine the 7 capabilities that your e-commerce site must have in order to be the right fit for the telco industry.

Edition #17: 2023 Year in Review: TLDR Edition

Can you believe 2023 is almost over? If you’re someone who’s in a hurry, here is a quick summary of our Telco Talk editions from the past year.

Edition #16: It's Time To Get Human: 6 Tips To Increase Digital Adoption

“Digital Transformation” has long been a buzz word and is a journey that most telcos are currently on. However, implementing the right digital tools is just the first part of the puzzle. The real dilemma is getting customers to actually use them.

Edition #15: 5 Steps That Will Boost Your Reseller Network And Drive Performance

The reseller network is an invaluable asset in the telecom industry, particularly in markets dominated by prepaid services. Resellers play a pivotal role by distributing SIM cards, top-ups, and more, effectively extending the reach of telecom companies to thousands of additional touchpoints.

Edition #13: The Rise of the “Prosumer” – 5 Tips to Capitalize On This Growing Segment

For years, telecoms companies have divided their client base into “Consumers” and “Business” users, each with different product sets, pricing, and needs. But in this post-pandemic, work-from-home world that we now live in, a third type of customer has entered the chat – say hello to the “Prosumer”.

Edition #14: 4 Ways To Solve The Wait/Dwell Time Conundrum And Elevate Your CX

Telecoms companies are facing different challenges right now depending on where they are in the world. In countries like the UK, US, and Japan, telcos are downsizing their physical operations, cutting costs, and trying to move customer interactions from physical stores to (allegedly) cheaper digital channels.

Edition #12: What Is Telecom’s Fastest Growing Revenue Source? Hint, It’s Not 5G.

In this edition of Telco Talk, Maplewave’s CEO, Adam Baggs, shares his thoughts on how telcos can quickly capitalize on fibre as a revenue source while 5G takes time to ramp up.

Edition #11: Beyond Voice & Data: 5 Quick Wins That Elevate Telcos to Tech Leader Status

Telcos have long feared becoming a “dumb pipe” utility provider. After attending Telecoms World Middle East, Will Gibson discovered that telcos are starting to embrace this status and invest in new avenues to drive growth instead. In this blog, we explore 5 tactics that can bring the “techno” strategy within reach.

Curious About Sustainable Telcos? Here Are The 8 Companies Paving The Way

After years of inaction, it finally feels like the sustainability movement is gaining some momentum. While scientists have been leading conversations about climate change and resource depletion for decades, it’s only in the last few years that sustainability has started breaking into business conversations and influencing strategies.

Edition #10: Sustainable Supply Chain: Are You Implementing These 7 Green Strategies?

Often, the hardest part of sustainability is knowing where to start. This is especially true when it comes to supply chains. Maplewave’s Logistics expert, Bradley Lapin, shares some strategies that will help you deliver environmental benefits in this edition of Telco Talk.

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