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E-Commerce Scorecard: Which Solution Is Best For Telco?

This whitepaper examines what makes telco e-commerce transactions different, what the most common types of e-commerce solutions are, and scores how well each solution performs on key functions that are essential for telco transactions.

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Controlling The Chaos: How To Overcome Indirect Channel Pitfalls And Win

This whitepaper examines the seven types of indirect sales with real-life examples from around the world, common pain points in indirect sales and how to overcome them, and how a dedicated solution can help telcos drive the best results from this channel.

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Telco’s Self-Service Future: 4 solutions that cut costs, boost profits and delight customers.

This whitepaper examines how COVID-19 has changed telco retail and consumer shopping habits, the four essential self-service solutions and their ROI, and how telcos can completely fund their self-service investment by optimizing their retail estate.

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How To Bring 184 Omnichannel Journeys Within Reach

This whitepaper examines how a platform gives customers a flexible ‘Transact Anywhere’ experience; how Maplewave’s omnichannel maturity model brings 184 customer journeys within reach; and the unique benefits of Maplewave’s platform approach.

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The Best And The Rest: How 3 Types of Commerce Solutions Compare

This whitepaper examines how the role of commerce systems has changed; how the functionality of a General POS, POS/CRM Hybrid and Telco Platform compare; and the unique benefits of a platform approach.

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Is Your Pandemic Pause A Recipe For Disaster?

This whitepaper examines how telco budgets and projects have been affected by COVID-19; three historical examples of how “hitting pause” led large companies to disaster; and our three-step action plan that will guide you to success.

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The 11 Solutions Telcos Need to Survive COVID-19

This whitepaper examines how the pandemic has impacted telcos and customers; 11 solutions to solve your COVID-19 pain points; and how to thrive using omnichannel solutions.

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How To Create Outstanding Telco Salespeople

This whitepaper examines why the telco store experience falls short; the characteristics of an outstanding telco salesperson; and how to develop a retail training strategy that promotes performance and retains employees.

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How to Prepare your Telco Business for Generation Z and Beyond.

This whitepaper examines the changing retail expectations of young customers; how to create an exceptional experience; and the role technology plays in new retail experiences.

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