Retail Store Design Consultants.

Maplewave’s telecom consultants can help with your store layout and retail design to create a positive experience that encourages customers to buy.

Store Design Evaluation.

A great store design is the gateway to a great experience. Our consultants can create an attractive store design that entices customers to your store and facilitates a seamless purchasing experience.

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Map your physical and digital channels to show how they connect and the sales/service mix volumes for each.

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Develop store layout, retail design, and merchandising plans that fulfill customer journeys.

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Create product displays that drive maximum attention.

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Develop an in-store experience that increases dwell time and likelihood to buy.

Immersive Consulting That Delivers Results.

Our immersive approach gives us an intimate understanding of your pain points so we can identify short and long-term solutions that will bring your goals within reach.

Our Consulting Process
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Featured Service:
Benchmark Assessment.

Maplewave’s proprietary deep-dive retail assessment evaluates all aspects of your retail experience and benchmarks your performance against key competitors.

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Scores your retail experience across 135 points.

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Results are benchmarked against regional and global standards.

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Reveals your strengths and weaknesses.

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Identifies quick wins, cross-functional projects, and long-term strategies for the next 5 years.

Chat with Will Gibson.

Will is an award-winning telecom consultant who specializes in retail store design. Will personally understands the many factors that make a great store environment and uses his expertise to bring this to life.  Whether you’re looking for simple recommendations or a complete retail assessment, Will can make your stores the highlight of your brand.

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Will Gibson VP Sales & Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions.

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What makes your store design services stand out? You are not a design house, right?

Many firms can design a store but fail to understand the telecom industry’s nuances and trends, leading to poor execution and missed opportunities. That’s where we come in. Our consultants have improved thousands of store designs around the world. Save time and money by letting us guide designers to create layouts that are both functional and beautiful.

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What sort of ROI can I expect on a new store design project, and how long should it take?

A new store design project should deliver at least 10% to your top line sales volumes on an annualized basis from the time each store is refitted. A complex new project (with multiple operational tweaks) can take up to 12 months to design; rushing a project means you’re prioritizing aesthetic over execution.

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Given the uncertainty around physical retailing, why should I refit my stores? How long would it take to complete the estate?

Retail stores will not go away completely – they still play a key role in your omnichannel strategy. It should take 3-5 years to refit all your stores. At that point, you will want to start again with a new concept that meets market demands (a 5G store will be very different compared to a 4G store, for example).

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