Retail Store Design Consultants.

Invest in a telco-specific store design and create a modern retail experience that seamlessly works within your omnichannel strategy.

Get A Beautiful Design That Works For Telco

As telco experts, we go beyond the generic to deliver store layouts, designs and merchandising plans that are specialized for telco journeys.

Entice Customers To Spend Time & Money

We craft an engaging, comfortable experience that draws customers to the store, increases dwell time, as well as the likelihood to buy.

Capture Attention & Drive Engagement

We use interactive elements, engaging displays, and sound to maximize attention and keep customers interested throughout their visit.

Connect Your Physical & Digital Experience

We make your stores an extension of your omnichannel strategy with kiosks and click & collect areas. We can also show how these channels overlap.

How We Help.

We Deliver Telco-Specific, Engaging Store Designs

Generic retail store designs may be beautiful, but they aren’t designed for telcos’ unique needs. Our consultants will deliver a stunning design that meets the unique experience requirements of the industry.

  • We’ll deliver a modern design that is not only visually appealing but is tailored for the unique customer journeys that are common in your market.

  • We’ll create a design that streamlines the cumbersome and unappealing parts of transactions (like long lineups), while creating engaging aspects that encourage consideration and dwell time.

  • Our design will focus on elements that drive engagement, like informative displays, multimedia elements that include sound, and attention-grabbing interactive exhibits.

We Create A Modern Retail Experience That Goes Hand In Hand With Omnichannel

In today’s world, a retail store can’t exist in a vacuum – it must complement your overall omnichannel strategy. We’ll create a design that incorporates key elements to unite your digital and physical channels.

  • We’ll ensure your store brings the same level of speed and efficiency that customers get from digital channels, encouraging in-person visits.

  • We’ll incorporate digital aspects to your design, including kiosks, collection lockers, and click and collect areas, so customers can start a transaction in one channel and finish it in another.

  • We’ll ensure your stores have their own unique place in your channel strategy by featuring services like in-store repairs, as well as personal connection and experiential elements. Now your stores will have their own unique selling points to draw customers in.

We Can Enable The Re-Imagined Telco Store

If you’re ready to go all in, our team can bring the re-imagined telco store to life – a high tech store  that uses tablets instead of fixed POS stations, eschews paper and hardware, and delivers an amazing experience while slashing operating expenses. When you pair your store design project with our solutions, it’s simple to bring this to life:

  • We’ll deliver a flagship store design in half the space (less than 100 square metres), slashing your leasing costs.

  • We’ll replace PCs, monitors, keyboards, printers, and desks with a tablet POS. Your staff will be able to complete transactions from anywhere in the store, including signing contracts.

  • We’ll include all our usual great design elements, like interactive product areas, private service areas, repair counters, and more.

  • We’ll also ensure the store has those omnichannel features, like click and collect areas, kiosks, and more.

To see how much you could save on your operating expenses with this type of store model, take our assessment.

Our Consulting Process.

1.  Select Area of Focus

We work collaboratively to identify which areas to focus on for the evaluation. We can assess many aspects simultaneously.

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2. Conduct Meetings & Analysis

We immerse ourselves in your business, collect data, and talk to your staff so we can witness and accurately document your pain points. We’ll assess your current store design and customer journeys, as well as your competitors’ stores to ensure you stand out.

3. Present Design

We prepare and present a proposal with mock-ups of our recommended design concept. This includes close ups of key design elements, like focal elements, engagement zones, and sample graphical treatments.

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person using a laptop on their lap looking at a data dashboard on screen

4. Implement Design

We work collaboratively throughout the design project to solve your pain points and can measure your ROI once it’s completed.

Store Gallery Design.

Chat with Will Gibson.

Will is an award-winning telecom consultant who specializes in retail store design. Will personally understands the many factors that make a great store environment and uses his expertise to bring this to life.  Whether you’re looking for simple recommendations or a complete retail assessment, Will can make your stores the highlight of your brand.

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Will Gibson VP Sales & Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions.

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What makes your store design services stand out? You are not a design house, right?

Many firms can design a store but fail to understand the telecom industry’s nuances and trends, leading to poor execution and missed opportunities. That’s where we come in. Our consultants have improved thousands of store designs around the world. Save time and money by letting us guide designers to create layouts that are both functional and beautiful.

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What sort of ROI can I expect on a new store design project, and how long should it take?

A new store design project should deliver at least 10% to your top line sales volumes on an annualized basis from the time each store is refitted. A complex new project (with multiple operational tweaks) can take up to 12 months to design; rushing a project means you’re prioritizing aesthetic over execution.

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Given the uncertainty around physical retailing, why should I refit my stores? How long would it take to complete the estate?

Retail stores will not go away completely – they still play a key role in your omnichannel strategy. It should take 3-5 years to refit all your stores. At that point, you will want to start again with a new concept that meets market demands (a 5G store will be very different compared to a 4G store, for example).

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