About Us.

Maplewave facilitates end-to-end telecom transactions in every channel. Our talented, global team delivers thought leadership and solutions that improve the way our customers do business.


Who We Are

As a leading Telecom Solution Provider, Maplewave provides premier digital solutions and consulting services for the telecommunications industry.

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What We Do

We build solutions that let telecom customers shop how and when they want, using any combination of digital and physical channels. We call this omnichannel approach Transact Anywhere.

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How We Help

We use our 30+ years of experience and best-in-class solutions to eliminate our clients’ pain points and help them become leaders in their market.

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Our Differentiators.


With clients in 30+ countries, we use our global expertise to help our clients overcome any challenge.

Our Team

Partnership Approach

We strive to be a true partner and work collaboratively to find the best solution for our clients.

Our Customers


We develop made-for-telco solutions that are highly flexible and can accommodate any situation or need.

Our Platform

Transact Anywhere Experience

We enable end-to-end transactions in all channels - from the warehouse to the customer – and beyond.

Transact Anywhere Experience

Mission, Vision & Values.

Our Vision

To power seamless transactions anywhere through our passion and expertise.

Our Mission

To create engaging experiences for our people, our partners, and our customers.

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Our culture is sacred; we find ways to have fun and celebrate our individuality every day.

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Our passions bring meaning to our work and relationships, which helps make Maplewave the best it can be.

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We are an amazingly diverse team that brings a collaborative approach to every project and relationship.

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We build trust by doing what’s right and lifting each other up, even when it’s difficult.

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We adapt to changing situations and take a flexible approach to the needs of our colleagues.

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We work to ensure everyone feels safe, valued and respected, and look for ways to give back to others.

Our Team.

Maplewave is led by the best and brightest minds in telecom solutions. Our global team has the experience to deliver on every channel strategy.

Our Team
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Our Global Offices.

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