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Easily sell plans and devices online with e-commerce software that lets customers complete telecom transactions without outside intervention.

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Create a frictionless experience with a solution that leverages KYC processes to validate required info so customers can purchase without call centre assistance.

Increase digital sales with a solution that enables a key customer journey and supports deep linked and geotargeted advertising.

Reduce maintenance with a solution that integrates to the product catalog and CMS, so changes are instantly visible online with no extra steps.

Enhance your marketing with a solution that supports custom branding and logos; our solution can also be white labeled or support a custom front-end.

Key Functionality.


Our telecom e-commerce solution makes it easy for customers to browse your product catalog, including devices, accessories, and offerings.

  • View the product catalog.

  • View product details.

  • Search for products.

  • Read customer reviews.

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When customers are ready to make a purchase, our omnichannel e-commerce software leverages the power of our platform via integrations and KYC processes to validate required information.

  • Select plans.

  • Select features.

  • Select offers.

  • Select pricing options (e.g., pay by installment, etc.).

  • Perform credit checks.

  • Check service availability.

  • Leverage loyalty programs.

  • Validate IDs (drivers’ licenses, passports, etc.).

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When the customer is ready to finalize their purchase, our e-commerce software will process the transaction and capture any other payment-related information.

  • Tender the transaction.

  • Supports “card not present” transactions.

  • Enter promo codes.

  • Select fulfillment method (delivery, in-store pickup).

  • Adjusts pricing based on fulfillment method (e.g.,shipping rates).

  • Facilitates appointment booking for in-store pickups.

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Exceptional Return On Investment.

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Cost Savings

Purpose-built for telecom means its less expensive than building your own E-Commerce solution or customizing a general purpose one.

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Operational Efficiency

Product catalog integration means any changes can be immediately visible.

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Improves Profitability

Easy-to-use interface is simple for any customer to use, which increases digital sales.

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Better Together.

Maplewave’s E-Commerce solution works seamlessly with the rest of our platform. It’s designed for telco with telecom integrations and customer journeys in mind.

Point of Sale: Enables click & collect orders. View Solution >

Paperless: Can support onlineagreement signing for device sales. View Solution >

Business Intelligence: All sales activity can be tracked in real-time, down to the transaction-level. View Solution >

Integration Framework: Integrates with allkey systems, including billing & provisioning, payment processers, enterpriseproduct catalog, CMS, KYC processes, etc.

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Implementation Consulting.

Our consultants can further guide your project, ensuring you maximize your return on investment.

  • Guide the creation of a custom-built user interface that’s designed for your brand/market.

  • Recommend how to build a better product catalogfor e-commerce.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

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What makes your e-commerce solution different?

Telco transactions are complex. They often require plan selections, ID validation, contract signing, etc. Most e-commerce solutions simply let customers browse items and check out and can’t accommodate the extra steps that a telecom transaction requires. This means customers often must contact the call centre to finalize their order, making transactions unnecessarily long, cumbersome, and inconvenient.Our e-commerce solution integrates with our platform and third-party systems. This includes the  product catalog and CMS, as well as KYC processes to validate IDs, check service availability, etc. No matter the use case, our e-commerce solution has the flexibility you need to deliver a great customer experience.

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Can I customize the user experience?

Yes. Maplewave offers two levels of customization. We offer a cost-saving white-label solution that can be delivered right out of the box. Logos and colours can be modified to reflect your branding, but the layout and flow are fixed. We also offer a fully customizable solution where every component of the UI can be modified to your specifications. We can also accommodate needs that fall between these two options.

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Can this integrate with my existing product catalog?

Yes. With our integration framework, we can integrate with any enterprise product catalog. This means that any changes will be reflected on your e-commerce site, so additional maintenance is not required for this channel.

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Can this live alongside my existing infrastructure?

Yes. With our integration framework, we can integrate with almost any vendor or system and pull in key data. This includes couriers, your existing POS, current in-store systems, etc. This ensures our e-commerce solution works seamlessly without requiring large scale changes to your current setup.

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