E-Commerce - Technical Features.

Explore the technical features of our telecom E-Commerce solution.


View Product Catalog

  • View available devices.

  • Explore postpaid and pre-paid plans.

  • View internet and TV plans.

  • Search for items.

  • Compare devices/plans in a single view.

View Product Details

  • View product images.

  • See available options, including sizes and colours.

  • View technical details.

  • Read customer reviews.

  • Add items to the cart.


Select Options

  • Choose from a list of plans.

  • Select features.

  • Select offers.

  • Select pricing options (e.g., pay by installment, etc.).

  • Leverage loyalty programs.

Capture & Validate Information

  • Input personal information.

  • Perform credit checks.

  • Validate IDs (drivers’ licenses, passports, etc.).

  • Upload photos of IDs.

  • Check service availability.


Payments & Tendering

  • Tender the transaction.

  • Supports “card not present” transactions.

  • Enter promo codes.

  • Email copies of receipts.

Fulfillment & Delivery

  • Select fulfillment method (home delivery, in-store pickup, delivery to a collection locker or pick up point).

  • Adjusts pricing based on fulfillment method (e.g., shipping rates).

  • Facilitates appointment booking for in-store pickups.

Asian man with hard hat and safety vest looking at packages on warehouse shelf

Inventory & Fulfillment.

  • Displays real-time inventory information (in-stock, low stock, and out of stock).

  • Can configure which inventory locations are used for the e-commerce site (e.g., warehouse stock levels, total inventory levels across all locations, from a specific store, etc.).

  • Orders can be fulfilled in a few clicks from a central warehouse (for home deliveries), or from an individual store (for store pick ups).

System Integrations.

Maplewave Platform

  • Point of Sale: Enables click & collect orders. View Solution>

  • Paperless: Can support online agreement signing for device sales. View Solution >

  • Business Intelligence: All sales activity can be tracked in real-time, down to the transaction-level. View Solution >


  • Billing & provisioning systems.

  • Payment Processors.

  • Phone Trade-Ins/Appraisals.

  • Enterprise Product Catalog.

  • CMS.

Full Business Process Integration

  • Real-time communication between the supply chain, activation portal, stores, couriers, and other locations.

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young white male programmer looking at software code on screen


Supported Platforms

  • Supports all major browsers, including those on tablets and smart phones.


  • Uses modern, stateless web-based architecture.

  • High uptime.

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