Kiosks, Vending & Lockers.

Maplewave’s telecom Kiosk solutions empower customers to process transactions on their own, freeing staff to focus on higher-value activities.

Serve More Customers, In More Places, In Less Time.

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Enhanced Experience

Put customers in control of their experience by giving them tools to process their own transactions.

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Modular Hardware

Range of units support basic transactions up to SIM/device vending and collection lockers.

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Divert Store Traffic

Staff are freed from basic cash collecting so they can focus on higher-value activities.

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Staffing Optimization

Reduced traffic levels enable telcos to streamline their teams and reduce staffing costs.

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Expanded Footprint

Stand-alone units can expand the store footprint to high traffic areas, like airports and shopping malls.

Key Functionality.

Hardware Options For Every Situation

Our modular Kiosk solution can be configured to suit any need.

  • Central payment hub processes transactions and payments.

  • Optional concealed vending unit dispenses items from a hidden compartment.

  • Optional large vending unit displays/dispenses items.

  • Optional smart locker unit enables click and collect pickups or reverse logistics.

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Secure Units Are Easy to Maintain & Support

Our self-service Kiosk solutions include maintenance, support, and security features to ensure transactions are worry-free.

  • Configurable alerts.

  • Proactive monitoring.

  • On-site and remote support.

  • No local data storage.

Enable More Digital Experiences

Our Kiosk solutions enable self-directed, digital interactions that enhance the customer experience.

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Exceptional Return On Investment.

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Cost Savings

Reduce or reallocate staff.

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Operational Efficiency

Expand your footprint to new locations.

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Improves Profitability

Store staff can focus on selling.

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Better Together.

Maplewave’s kiosk solutions work seamlessly with the rest of our platform.

Point of Sale: Kiosks leverage existing integrations to process transactions and vend devices and accessories. View Solution >

BI & Reporting: All kiosk activity can be tracked in real-time, down to the transaction-level. View Solution >

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Implementation Consulting.

Our consultants can further guide your project, ensuring you maximize your return on investment.

  • Identify which units work best for your market.

  • Where to place units based on traffic flows.

  • Create a rollout plan that educates customers and staff.

  • Strategies that maximize usage and satisfaction

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Frequently Asked Questions.

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Can the units accept cash? And aren’t the rollers prone to breaking? I’ve heard horror stories.

Yes, the units can accept a wide range of notes and denominations. Modern kiosk technology is more robust than ever, and we have a comprehensive maintenance and repair strategy if anything goes wrong. But overall, these types of issues are rare now.

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How are they secured? Is it easy to break inside and steal everything?

Our kiosks offer a range of security options, including floor to wall fixings, security sensors, impact/abuse alarms, and remote surveillance. They are very sturdy and very secure.

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How are the machines emptied and replenished? Is this time-consuming?

To help mitigate any problems, kiosks should be emptied regularly. Our Delivery team will work with you to perfect those processes so the risk of loss is as near to zero as it can be. It’s very fast and easy to perform a cash drop; all your staff will be fully trained on these best practices.

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