Telecom Commerce Platform.

Maplewave’s omnichannel platform can be deployed quickly to unite every channel, touchpoint, and third-party system into a single interface. Our range of physical and digital solutions work together to transform your operations.

One Platform, All Channels.

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Unites All Channels & Systems

Integrates all core telecom systems for seamless channel handoffs and fast, effortless transactions.

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Complete Range of Solutions

Complete range of digital and physical solutions work together to eliminate every pain point.

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Customer-Driven Experience

Orchestrates complex processes behind the scenes for an exceptional, customer-directed experience.

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Fast, Adaptable Implementation

Changes are made through configuration vs custom coding for incredible flexibility and rapid delivery.

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Incredible ROI

Integrated, fully featured platform ensures fast, low-cost deployments that reduce costs, increase sales, and improve efficiency.

Delivers The Key Features That Telcos Need.

  • Fits Every Channel Strategy

  • Enables Tablet & Mobile Transactions

  • Facilitates An Omnichannel Experience

  • Provides Digital Solutions For Every Channel

  • Designed Specifically For Telcos

  • Offers Real-Time Visibility & Reporting

  • Facilitates An End-To-End Supply Chain

  • Integrates All Touchpoints Into a Single Front End

Expertly Manages The Needs Of Every Channel.

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Supply Chain

Controls the flow of goods across all channels - from warehouse to customer.

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Traditional Retail

Manages transactions, inventory, and customer experiences for physical retail locations.

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Manages sales and inventory for dealer locations, indirect resellers, and field sales.

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Enables self-service sales activities and experiences using digital and hybrid solutions.

Successful Implementations, Guaranteed.

Our rigorous approach to delivery, training, and support ensures your rollout will be successful from day one.

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Sales Transactions.

Point of Sale

Finalize complex transactions quickly and easily without swiveling to different systems or re-entering information.

  • Intuitive functionality is easy to use and train.

  • Maintains rich customer history and drives upselling.

  • Designed for all channels and devices.

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Paperless Transactions

Digitally manage your contract signing, document storage/retrieval, and Walk Out Working processes – saving up to 85% of your paper costs.

  • Eliminates paper printing, storage, shipping, and administration.

  • Enhances customer experience and reduces disputes.

  • Provides increased security and compliance across channels.

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In-Store Experience.

Queueing Management

Queue customers digitally to eliminate lineups and bottlenecks while providing a personal experience.

  • Gives customers a personalized, efficient experience.

  • Manages traffic flow.

  • Displays complete customer history.

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Self-Care App

Let customers manage their services without an in-store visit – from any location, at any time.

  • Improves the customer experience while reducing store traffic.

  • Facilitates hardware deliveries directly to consumers.

  • Enables new marketing strategies based on history and location.

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Kiosks, Vending & Lockers

Empower customers to process transactions on their own, freeing staff to focus on higher-value activities.

  • Diverts store traffic and can extend your footprint to new areas.

  • Hardware options for basic transactions, vending or collection.

  • Reduces staffing levels/costs.

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Is fully digital and integrated, so customers can complete online telecom transactions without any outside intervention.

  • Lets customers browse the product catalog, select options, validate information, finalize purchases, and arrange for home delivery or in-store pickup.

  • Integrates into the enterprise product catalog and CMS for a consistent offering with no extra maintenance.

  • The user experience is easy for any customer to use.

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Supply Chain & Logistics.

Inventory Management

Synchronize inventory replenishment and visibility across all channels, guaranteeing customers always leave with product in-hand.

  • Tracks serialized inventory across all movements in real-time.

  • Automates inventory calculations based on sales data.

  • Reduces markdowns, shrinkage and “out of stock” situations.

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Warehouse Management System

Manage warehouse environments from receiving through reverse logistics, giving complete visibility throughout the full product lifecycle.

  • Designed for high-value, high-volume telco environments.

  • Integrates to ERP, security, and courier systems.

  • Fully configurable without expensive code changes.

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Indirect Channel Management.

Indirect Sales App

Maximize profitability by giving telcos unmatched visibility and control over channel activities and simplifying the sales process for channel partners.

  • Completes key channel journeys in a few quick steps.

  • Displays commission in real-time to encourage sales.

  • Orders, receives, and manages channel inventory.

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Route Optimization

Manage deliveries to dealer and third-party channels for unmatched transparency and compliance.

  • Optimizes routes and adjusts to changes in real-time.

  • Captures electronic proof of deliveries.

  • Provides real-time alerts, arrival times and route tracking.

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Business Intelligence

View real-time activity across all channels and regions in one place, making it easy to analyze performance, opportunities, and risks.

  • Provides real-time sales, inventory, and commissions info.

  • Displays information down to the individual transaction level.

  • Exports data to spreadsheets for supplemental manipulation.

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Reinforces desired sales behaviours and rewards top performers with flexible incentive structures for staff, dealers, and markets.

  • Flexible rules accommodate any commission structure.

  • Automatic calculations are shown in real-time, driving profitable behaviours.

  • Commission reports can be provided for sales staff, dealers, and management.

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Featured Case Study.


Maplewave’s platform powered the successful launch of Bahama’s newest telco, Aliv.

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The Transact Anywhere Experience.

See how powerful the customer experience becomes when shoppers can transact in any channel, powered by our digital platform.

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  • Compares the functionality of a General POS, POS/CRM Hybrid and Telco Platform.

  • Explores the unique benefits of a platform approach.

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