Indirect Channel Management.

Take control of your indirect channel with software that increases sales and simplifies reseller management while giving unmatched visibility and control over channel activities.

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Manage Everything With One Solution

Easily manage your indirect channel with one solution that handles sales, management activities, inventory, onboarding, and reporting.

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Automate All Manual Tasks

Reduce manual labour and planning effort with automated tools for route planning, inspection checklists, stock alerts, and more.

Increase Profit With Fit-For Purpose Tools

Our easy-to-use reseller app drives sales, and our management module makes it simple to monitor and resolve performance issues.

View Metrics Across Roles & Markets

Our solution shares real-time activity across roles, regions, and countries, so it’s easy to compare performance, and analyze opportunities and risks.

Meets The Diverse Needs Of Every Role.

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Partner Managers

Distribution Staff

Regional Managers

Top-Level Administrators

How effective is your indirect channel?

Take our 5-minute Indirect Channel Assessment now to get actionable insights that will improve your indirect channel.

Key Functionality.

Give Your Resellers A Great Sales App That Encourages Loyalty

Resellers usually represent multiple telcos at the same time. How do you earn their loyalty? Our indirect sales app makes it easy for resellers to complete transactions and see their commissions in real-time.

  • Quickly sell recharge vouchers, SIMs, handsets, accessories, and more – no re-entering information or frustrating interfaces!

  • Sign up customers for quad-play services, including capturing personal details and scheduling installations.

  • View inventory levels in real-time and quickly order or request stock from distributors using the app.

  • See commissions in real-time vs waiting days, which helps drive profitable behaviours and loyalty. Our solution can accommodate any commission structure.

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Make Site Inspections Effortless For Your Partner Managers

Our Indirect Channel Management Software gives Partner Managers everything they need to effortlessly plan and execute their site visits and onboard new resellers – no more manual steps or inefficiencies!

  • Automatically create daily schedules based on each reseller’s priority, their last visit date, and their physical location. Saves hours of planning time and eliminates errors.

  • Provides turn-by-turn navigation to each site and adapts to traffic conditions in real-time. Ensures every trip is efficient and at the lowest cost.

  • Capture notes, photos, and raise non-compliance tickets using the integrated inspection checklist.

  • Easily onboard new resellers - complete forms, capture signatures, and upload attachments. Establish geofenced sales territories to prevent sales outside of assigned areas.

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Simplify Inventory Management For Distribution Staff

Our Indirect Channel Management Software integrates with inventory management systems. This makes it easy for distribution staff to monitor resellers’ inventory levels in real-time, replenish stock, and conduct site inspections using the app.

  • View real-time inventory levels for assigned resellers and receive low stock alerts if levels fall below the set threshold.

  • Automatically create daily site visit itineraries with turn-by-turn navigation. Routes auto-adjust if an out-of-stock alert is triggered to ensure resellers are replenished quickly.

  • Capture current inventory levels, mobile money float levels, and more with the integrated inspection checklist. Attach notes, photos, and raise non-compliance tickets.

  • For those selling digital vouchers, it’s possible to virtually lend credits to resellers so they can purchase more stock if they run out, maximizing their performance.

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Help Regional Managers Monitor Performance

Our Indirect Channel Management solution isn’t just for teams on the ground – it’s also a valuable tool to help Regional Managers monitor the performance of their territory, including their Partner Managers and respective resellers.

  • View KPIs for every Partner Manager to identify high and low performers. These include sales figures, revenue generated, site visit compliance, and more.

  • Use dashboards to drill down to the reseller to assess performance and investigate where any breakdowns are occurring.

  • Filter and compare dashboard data by time-period (e.g. month over month). Run reports on specific metrics and apply filters to manipulate the data.

  • Easily onboard new Partner Managers - complete forms, capture signatures, and upload attachments.

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Empower Top-Level Administrators To Track Performance In One View

Nothing is more valuable than a birds-eye view of operations, especially for telcos who operate in multiple countries. The powerful reporting features of our Indirect Channel Management Solution make it easy to identify top performers and trouble spots.

  • Use reports and dashboards to view KPIs through all levels of the hierarchy, including by country/region, and job role.

  • View a variety of metrics, including volume of sales activations, churn rate, site visit compliance, inventory levels and “out of stock” occurrences, and more.

  • Compare regional performance in a single view and track it over time. Assess like-for-like performance across the business and identify high and low performers.

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Indirect Solutions, Tailored To Your Needs.

Reseller Module

  • Provides access to Reseller module.

  • Includes all reseller functionality, including POS interface and commissions.

  • Integrates with chosen inventory management and/or management solutions.

Standalone Management Module

  • Provides access to Management module.

  • Includes all management functionality, including brand and distributor site inspections, route planning, onboarding, and reporting.

  • Integrates with chosen inventory management and/or Reseller POS solutions.

Combined Reseller And Management

  • Provides access to the Reseller and Management modules.

  • Includes all reseller and management functionality.

  • Integrates with chosen inventory management.

Digitally Transform Your Indirect Channels.

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Door-to-Door Sales
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Street Corner/Cart Vendors
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Pop Up Events/Roving Sales Teams
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Vehicular Retail
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Mono-Brand Dealer Stores
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Multi-Brand Dealer Stores

Exceptional Return On Investment.

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Cost Savings

Route optimization drives additional savings on fuel and maintenance.

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Operational Efficiency

Automates manual tasks and is extremely easy to use for incredible efficiency.

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Improves Profitability

Detailed reporting identifies best practices and trouble spots.

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Better Together.

Maplewave’s Indirect Channel Management solution works seamlessly with the rest of our platform.

Inventory Management:  Integrates with master inventory management system for seamless inventory passthrough.
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Implementation Consulting.

Our consultants can further guide your project, ensuring you maximize your return on investment.

  • Review indirect channel strategy and map solutions vs competitors.

  • Review effectiveness of channels, ROI and % mix.

  • Conduct detailed contract review of dealers & partners.

  • Support training & rollout to ensure solution penetration.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

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We do a lot of rural and indirect sales. How can you help our dealers be more efficient?

Our solutions excel in the indirect channel, giving carriers unmatched visibility and control while helping agents and distributors work effectively. Our solutions provide straightforward sales tools that can manage stock, commissions, promotions, and more.
Our solutions can be used on any device (browser, mobile or tablet), which is particularly useful for rural/remote sales.

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How do you manage campaigns and commissions?

Our solutions make it easy to set up flexible commission structures for their indirect channels. Sales agents can view their real-time commissions right in the app, helping them understand what they earn commission on and why, which further incentivizes profitable activities.  

Commissions can be structured to reward profitable behaviour. Telcos may decide to incentivize new SIM activations, or to drive employee retention by incentivising top-ups over a 6-month period.  

Time-based offers and promotions can be created specifically for the indirect channel to further increase sales. Channel-specific marketing and upselling features can help drive adoption of promotions.

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How does the app prioritize daily tasks for field staff?

Our software leverages route optimization functionality to plan and navigate to site visits. The route optimization engine will be configured to meet your specific needs and achieve your KPIs. The system supports market-specific rules to meet the unique requirements, regulations, and constraints of each market.  

Customers will be profiled, categorized, and graded according to their preferences, such as delivery time window, order size, importance, loyalty, order frequency & value, and more.  

These constraints are integrated with the route optimization engine, which will prioritize higher-graded customers when assigning routes. If the market requires all A-grade customers to be seen weekly, this rule will be considered when assigning tasks so your business can achieve its goals.  

The algorithm will help field agents effectively plan site visits, meet KPIs, while dramatically reducing administration time.

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Is priority or proximity more important when planning daily tasks?

When optimizing a route, the algorithm will consider factors such as distance, traffic conditions, and delivery time windows. It will aim to minimize the overall distance traveled and time taken to complete all tasks while adhering to the specified priorities.  

Consider a scenario where a high priority visit and a low priority visit were scheduled in the east side of the city, and a medium priority visit was scheduled in the west. The algorithm would likely instruct the field agent to visit the two locations in the east first, rather than simply completing the tasks in order of importance, as this would dramatically increase the distance traveled.  

By optimizing the route in this way, the algorithm aims to minimize travel time and distance, ensuring efficient completion of the tasks based on their priorities and geographical locations.

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