Indirect Channel Management - Technical Features.

Explore the technical features of our Indirect Channel Management Software.

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Supported Channels.

Channel Types

  • Mono-brand dealer stores.

  • Multi-brand dealer stores.

  • Third-party chains.

  • Vehicular retail.

  • Door-to-door sales.

  • Street corner/cart vendors.

  • Pop-up events/roving sales teams.

Sales Transactions.

Process Sales

  • Search for or scan items (devices, accessories, SIMs) and add them to the transaction.

  • Capture serial numbers for serialized items.

  • Initiate a “quick sale” using a generic customer record for speedy checkouts.

Pre-Paid Plan Purchase

  • Plan purchase feature can be used to quickly complete a one-off purchase of a prepaid plan.


  • E-top-ups just require a phone number and amount to complete.

  • View customers’ current balances.

Bill Payment

  • Integrates to bill payment systems.

  • Easily process customer bill payments.


  • Supports all major tenders and mobile money.

  • Custom tenders can also be defined.

  • Collect deposits.

  • Supports Foreign Fund Exchange.


  • View receipts on the device.

  • Receipts can be printed or sent to customers via email, SMS, etc.


  • Process refunds and voids.

Customer Management

  • Create new customer records and capture key information.

  • Search for existing customers.

  • Update customers’ details.

  • Configure alerts to appear for certain customers.

Campaigns & Promotions

  • Push campaigns and promotions that further encourage app usage.

  • Customize campaign/promotion messages.

  • Configure offers to be displayed during a specific date range.


  • Accommodates any commission structure, including highly complex ones.

  • As products are sold, commissions are displayed in real-time.

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Site Visits.

Planning Daily Visit

  • Makes planning visits effortless – no effort is required from Partner Mangers or Distribution staff.

  • Resellers can be graded by priority to determine the number of required visits per week/month, etc.

Route Planning

  • Plans daily turn-by-turn routes for Partner Managers and Distribution Staff based on their scheduled site visits.

  • Adapts to current traffic conditions, as well as when site visits are added or removed.

  • Supports geocoding of Reseller locations for accuracy.

  • Can notify managers when Partner Manager arrives at a destination.

  • Can send alerts if a Partner Manager deviates from their route.

Conducting Site Inspections

  • Integrated inspection checklist is completed by Partner Managers and Distribution staff during visit.

  • Checklist is used to check and record different items, depending on role, such as:

    • Brand standards.

    • Inventory levels.

    • Mobile Money float levels.

    • And more – options are configurable by role.

  • Partner Managers can capture photos during the inspection.

  • If there is an issue, the Partner Manager can raise a trouble ticket using the app.

  • When resolving a trouble ticket, the app can also be used to verify compliance (e.g., take pictures to prove issue is resolved).

Geocoding Reseller Locations

  • Assigns geographic coordinates to Resellers’ locations.

  • Enables turn-by-turn navigation for site visits, providing efficiency and cost savings.

  • Can use historical GPS positions for future visits.

Geotagging Activities

  • All Partner Managers’ activities are geocoded and timestamped for simple auditing.

Inventory Management.

Inventory Capabilities

  • Integrates with any inventory management system to provide inventory visibility through both the Reseller app, as well as the app used by Distribution staff.

  • Depending on the inventory system’s capability, functionality can include viewing real-time inventory levels, searching for items, creating purchase orders, receiving low stock alerts, and more.

  • For those selling digital vouchers, it’s possible to lend credits to Resellers so they can purchase more stock if they run out.

  • Distribution staff receive low stock alerts when Resellers’ inventory levels are becoming too low.

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Reseller Performance

  • Partner Managers can monitor their Resellers’ performance using the app.

  • View sales by categories, including SIM sales, top-up vouchers, mobile money, etc.

    • Sales Summary report shows the quantities of items that were sold within a defined date range.

    • Transaction report provides item-level detail for all transactions that were completed within a defined date range.

  • Displays dealer commissions (from carrier to dealer).

  • Displays salesperson incentives (from carrier to clerk).

  • Identify top/low performers.

  • Identify Resellers who are likely to churn based on changes in sales performance.

  • Create commission tiers based on sales data, inventory levels, and store visits/compliance data. These tiers can be incorporated back into the commission engine to incent Resellers to move up in rating.

Partner Manager Performance

  • Managers can view KPIs for their Partner Managers, including sales and revenue figures for their respective agents.

  • Track performance versus targets.

  • Identify top/low performers and compare a Partner Manager’s performance against others.

  • Track whether site visits were completed, and in the right order.

  • Compare key metrics over different time periods, including month over month and year over year.

Country/Regional Performance

  • Top-level business dashboard provides performance metrics across regions.

  • View performance across regions and countries.

  • Drill down to Manager and Partner Manager level.

  • View key metrics, like sales activations, top-ups, etc.

  • View churn rate.

  • View % of completed site inspections.

  • Track success of campaigns based on sell out data.

  • Identify top performing markets and those that might need additional support or coaching.

  • Compare key metrics over different time periods, including month over month and year over year.


Contract Signing

  • Digitally onboard new Resellers and Partner Managers using the app.

  • Staff can be onboarded without being in the same physical location as their supervisor.

  • Onboarding forms are sent by email.

  • Captures digital signatures via desktop, mobile or tablet.

  • Controlled workflows ensure no signatures are missed.

  • Signature points belong to a specific person and only that signatory can sign them.

  • Configure multiple signing stages and/or approvals to ensure remote contracts are signed in the appropriate order and all requirements have been met.

  • Remote signing capability means documents can be signed in any channel or location without additional installation.

  • Capture signatures via mouse, touchscreen, or typed name (converted to cursive).

  • Partner Managers /Resellers receive a signed copy of documents via email.

  • Can require the upload of attachments, such as IDs, letters of incorporation, banking letters, etc. All attachments are stored securely with the contract.

  • All documents are encrypted and stored in PDF format. Documents are time-stamped, digitally sealed, and cannot be altered.

  • Permissions control who can retrieve documents and are based on role.

  • All document searches/views can be easily audited to facilitates compliance with breach notification laws.

  • Meets/exceeds the enforceability, reliability, and integrity of paper agreements.

Establish Geofenced Sales Territory

  • Use the solution to create a geofenced area on the map.

  • Sales territories are created using polygons/polygrams.

  • If a Reseller conducts a sale outside of their territory, the Partner Manager is notified, and the exact location of the sale can be viewed.

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  • Define permissions based on job role.

  • Modify permissions at the user level.

  • Logins synched with active directory.

  • Create permission templates by user role for simple administration.


  • Can be customized with company logo and brand colours.

System Integrations.

  • Our app will integrate with all support and backend systems to create a seamless experience without swivel steps:

    • Inventory system (Maplewave’s or external).

    • Existing Reseller POS system (if purchasing only Management module).

    • Trade and distribution system.

    • Warehousing system.

    • ERP system.

    • Trouble Ticket System.

    • Mobile money system/rebalancer app.

    • Commission engine.

    • Active directory.

    • And any other backend systems.

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