Inventory Management.

Maplewave’s telecom Inventory Management solution synchronizes replenishment and visibility across all channels, guaranteeing customers always leave with product in-hand.

Effortlessly Manage Inventory Across All Channels.

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Real-Time Visibility

Displays real-time telecom inventory information for all locations and channels across all movements for unmatched visibility.

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Centralized Product Catalog

Provides configurable, multi-departmental categorizations for all products, simplifying stock management.

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Inventory Automation

Purchase orders and transfers can be automated based on sales data for effortless replenishment.

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Ensures supply aligns with demand and eliminates speculation-based forecasting.

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In-Store Functionality

Enables store staff to easily locate, order, receive, and count stock, controlled by permissions.

Key Functionality.

Unmatched Visibility & Control

Our Inventory Management solution tracks inventory across all movements and channels for incredible visibility.

  • View inventory levels in real-time across all locations.

  • Track serialized items across all movements.

  • Separate stock into categories for simple management.

  • Accurate information aids decision making.

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Automated Forecasting and Replenishment

Our Inventory Management solution ensures supply aligns with actual demand and eliminates speculation-based forecasting.

  • Uses real sales data for accurate replenishment.

  • Can automate purchase orders and transfers.

  • Reduces markdowns and investment in old stock.

  • Improves revenue performance.

Manage Inventory In Every Channel

Our telecom Inventory Management solution can simultaneously manage inventory across all channels.

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Traditional Retail

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3rd Party / Indirect

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Exceptional Return On Investment.

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Cost Savings

Optimizes stock allocation so supply meets demand.

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Operational Efficiency

Automates key inventory management functions.

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Improves Profitability

Simplifies decisions and increases sales.

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Better Together.

Maplewave’s Inventory Management solution works seamlessly with the rest of our platform.

Warehouse Management System:  Inventory solution integrates with our WMS to create an end-to-end supply chain from warehouse to customer. View Solution >

Point of Sale: Seamlessly updates inventory as items are sold/returned and gives clerks visibility into inventory levels across all locations. View Solution >

Sales Assist: Displays real-time inventory information on our tablet sales tool. View Solution >

Kiosk, Vending & Lockers: Manages inventory levels for these self-serve units. View Solution >

Self-Care App:  Manages inventory reservations for purchases through the app. View Solution >

BI & Reporting: All sales activity can be tracked in real-time, down to the transaction-level. View Solution >

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Implementation Consulting.

Our consultants can further guide your project, ensuring you maximize your return on investment.

  • Identify inventory pain points and recommend solutions.

  • Assess compliance and identify patterns of inventory loss.

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Featured Case Study.


Maplewave’s inventory management solution helped Telkom improve their stock availability so 90% of their inventory is available in 90% of their stores, 100% of the time.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

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We have a very strict finance system, and our ERP must be the master of inventory. Can your system still help us?

Yes, it can. In certain instances, we have integrated with our clients’ ERP so it can be updated with transactional data. Often, telcos opt for the serialized details to remain in the WMS and the financial/transactional information to be passed back to the ERP. We have integrated with SAP, Sage, and Oracle for different clients.

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How good is your inventory visibility? Can stores view other stores’ inventory? And how ‘real-time’ is it really?

Our solution gives real-time inventory visibility across all sub-inventories and physical locations configured within the solution. Where third parties are integrated through EDI, the visibility can be extended to include the warehouses and the dealer channels.

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How do you assist our head office team with CPFR and onward orders to the OEMs?

We can help in two ways. First, our suggest stock re-order solution can auto-generate purchase orders that are based on sell out and replenishment data. Second, our system can integrate with demand planning solutions, such as JDA and Netstock.

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