Inventory Management - Technical Features.

Explore the technical features of our telecom Inventory Management solution.

Inventory Management.

Real-Time Visibility & Control

  • Real-time inventory and sales data automatically flows from distributor stores back to the carrier.

  • Reduces resources/time required to process information.

  • Adjusts future orders based on configured rules.


  • Eliminates speculation-based forecasting.

  • Provides a reliable method for decision making.

  • Ensures supply aligns with demand.

  • Decreases markdowns/investment in old stock.

  • Reduces “out of stock” situations and overstocking.

  • Improves in-store space allocation.

Inventory Movements

  • Inventory is reserved when added to a transaction.

  • Inventory movements and cost of goods adjustments only occur when the transaction is completed.

  • Tracks inventory as it moves through the sales process.

Serialized Tracking

  • Tracks serialized inventory across all movements.

  • Unit cost, receipt dates, location, status, selling price, profit, return information, and all clerk involvement are stored based on serial number.

  • Reduces shrinkage through detailed tracking.

Product Catalog

  • Provides configurable, multi-departmental categorizations for all product offerings.

  • Separates stock into categories such as manufacturer returns (RMAs), avails, and rentals.

In-Store Functionality

  • View stock levels, location, and status in real-time.

  • Check price and availability by bar code scan or SKU.

  • Directs exchanges, voids, and refunds into specific categories/locations.

  • Search inventory purchase history by customer or SKU.

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Purchase Orders.

General Features

  • Purchase orders can be created manually, or the system can generate suggested orders based on inventory levels.

  • System manages reordering and controls shipping to stores or distribution centers.

  • System-generated purchase orders can be reviewed or automatically distributed to suppliers.

  • Simple unit scans make inventory available for sale.

  • Purchase orders can be configured to require approval from designated group(s) based on the items ordered and the user that generated the PO.

In-Store Functionality

  • Store staff can create, view, edit and receive purchase orders.

  • Serials can be received in bulk, and bulk uploads of SIM cards can be performed when the series includes a check digit.

Stock Transfers.

General Features

  • Stock transfers can be created manually, or the system can generate transfers based on stock distribution.

In-Store Functionality

  • View, edit, receive, and send stock transfers.

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Stock Counting.

General Features

  • Validate stock manually or via scanning.

  • Audit stock modifications.

Return Merchandize Authorization (RMA).

General Features

  • Create/update RMA item(s).

  • Track RMAs with an integrated track and trace system.

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Supply Chain Management.

General Features

  • Fits seamlessly within any existing supply chain structure.

  • Supports real-time direct integration from logistics partner to individual storefront.

  • Supports multiple fulfillment strategies, incorporating local, regional, and central warehousing models.

  • Allows for supply chain optimization, reverse logistics, accurate demand forecasting, and vendor management.


Campaign Success Measures

  • Quickly measure promotion effectiveness through serialized tracking and cross-references to campaigns.

  • Real-time information allows for nimble campaign and inventory decision-making.

KPI Management

  • Tracks KPIs of all inventory items on a per-location basis.

  • Real-time feedback helps the inventory manager make better ordering and inventory alignment decisions.

  • Performance indicators measure key inventory metrics, such as inventory turns.

Financial Reporting

  • Complete unit history for accurate financial reporting and fraud prevention.

  • Relevant inventory availability for distributors improves revenue performance.

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  • Permissions control user access, protecting company information and assets.

System Integrations.

Maplewave Platform

Maplewave’s Inventory Management solution works seamlessly with the rest of our platform.

  • Warehouse Management System: Inventory solution integrates with our WMS to create an end-to-end supply chain from warehouse to customer.

  • Point of Sale: Seamlessly updates inventory as items are sold/returned and gives clerks visibility into inventory levels across all locations.

  • Kiosks, Vending & Lockers: Manages inventory levels for these self-serve units.

  • Self-Care App: Manages inventory reservations for device and accessory purchases through the app.

  • BI & Reporting: All sales activity can be tracked in real-time, down to the transaction-level.

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