Telecom Channel Strategy Consulting.

Assess which channels make sense for your market, optimize your omnichannel strategy, and maximize your reach.

Become A True Digital Service Provider

We’ll help you diversify your strategy, guide investment in digital channels, and cement your omnichannel experience, so you can become a true DSP.

Explore 20+ Channels & Find Your Best Fit

We assess your customers’ needs and your current channel mix, then recommend which of the 20+ channel types are best for your market.

Learn Where To Invest – And Where To Cut

We map store expenses against revenue to help streamline your estate as well as identify underserved areas for future expansion.

Find Ways To Increase Your Channel Revenue

We help maximize revenue from every channel, as well as explore new revenue opportunities, like franchising.

How We Help.

Assess Your Channels and Enable Omnichannel

Our consultants will assess your channel mix and put together a plan to meet customers’ modern experience expectations.

  • We’ll assess which of the 20+ different channels you’re currently using, and ensure you have the best mix of digital, physical and hybrid channels.

  • We’ll make recommendations to ensure you get the most out of each channel type.

Optimize Your Retail Footprint

As part of your channel strategy, our consultants can help optimize your retail footprint for your market.

  • We’ll gather information about your store locations, including the overall running costs/lease end-dates for each store, number of employees, and revenue figures.

  • We’ll assess your mix of corporate vs. franchise stores to ensure balance and determine if franchising makes sense for your market.

  • We’ll identify your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses and assess how your locations compare to theirs.

  • Our analysis will reveal underperforming locations that can be closed, as well as ideal locations for new store openings.

Our Consulting Process.

1.  Select Area of Focus

We work collaboratively to identify which areas to focus on for the evaluation. We can assess many aspects simultaneously.

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2. Conduct Onsite Visits, Meetings & Analysis

We immerse ourselves in your business, collect data, and talk to your staff so we can witness and accurately document your pain points.

3. Present Findings

We prepare and present an extensive report with our findings:

  • Your current channel mix and where you should invest next.

  • How each channel is performing.

  • Which retail locations to streamline.

  • Ideal locations for expansion.

  • Competitor analysis.

  • Franchising analysis.

Your report will present some quick wins, cross-functional projects, and long-term strategic goals. This action plan will be triaged based on impact, ease, and cost.

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4. Implement Solutions

We work collaboratively to recommend/implement solutions that will solve your pain points and can measure your ROI once it’s completed.

What Our Customers Say.

"Maplewave reviewed the location effectiveness of entire estate, allowing us to optimise over 25% of sites, reducing dealer management fees by over 10% and significantly cutting our OPEX spend without impacting performance. Was great to work with the team."

Brian Collins
General Manager – Wireless at TSTT

Chat with Will Gibson.

Will is an award-winning consultant who has spent more time on a plane than at home over the last 20 years. His first-hand global telco retail experience makes him best positioned to help you refine your omnichannel strategy to be in line with the needs of your market.

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Will Gibson VP Sales & Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions.

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How do I know how many stores I need to meet my sales objectives?

We can map your stores versus your competitors and compare them to other markets, factoring in population density and market maturity. Global trends are changing all the time and our consultants can help you understand which direction to go in.

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Our market is very influenced by retail, how can I justify the investment in digital channels?

Every market is different, but this is a global trend that is absolute. In the past, some early adopters failed to succeed because of poor execution. Our consultants learned these lessons and will help you build a plan that guarantees a solid ROI on your digital endeavours.

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Can you help optimize my retail footprint?

Yes, we frequently map out store reduction and expansion plans for our clients. We compare your locations to your competitors’, focusing on store distances to identify population gaps and over-crowded areas. This process has resulted in multi-million-dollar savings for many of our clients.

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