Telecom Sales Training.

Drive retail performance and build customer loyalty with Showtime, the only advanced sales training course built for all telco staff.

Get Sales Training That Is Relevant For Telco

Our one-of-a-kind telecoms sales training course is completely tailored for the telco environment and its retail roles.

Drive Results Through Behavioural Changes

Our 4-module course teaches people skills, self-awareness, and sales techniques, all framed within in a telco context, to drive results.

Increase Your Top Line Sales by 10%+

We instill your staff with the skills they need to complete more transactions, identify upsell opportunities, and turn customers into repeat visitors.

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Motivate Your Staff & Reduce Turnover

Your staff will feel empowered and possess the skills they need to excel, encouraging them to stay in the industry long-term.

The Importance Of Sales Training.

E-commerce has grown significantly, but this doesn’t mean the retail store is dead. Today’s customers still want to visit physical locations to interact with products and have personal interactions. But who brings this great experience to life? Salespeople do! Learn how Showtime can help your sales team become top performers.

Course Overview.

Showtime consists of 4 modules that help participants develop their skills, build rapport with customers, and effectively close the sale.

Module 1: Audience

How to deliver a magical sales experience by understanding customers’ personalities and how the sales process works.

  • What the ideal retail experience looks like.

  • The different customer types and how to sell to them.

  • How to communicate effectively and build rapport.

  • Common myths and barriers.

Module 2: Lights

Understanding your strengths, blind spots, and selling styles so you can cultivate a memorable experience.

  • Participants’ strengths, blind spots, personal drivers, and goals.

  • The role of every store position.

  • First impressions, greetings, and handovers.

  • Managing customer flow in the store.

Module 3: Camera

How to close the sale and overcome objections by using effective pitches and questioning techniques.

  • How to create effective product pitches.

  • Asking the right questions and listening effectively.

  • How to close the sale.

  • Interpreting body language and overcoming objections.

Module 4: Action

Shows participants how education, cross-selling, and a fond farewell ensure customers return again and again.

  • How to upsell and cross-sell effectively.

  • Using demos to get customers invested.

  • How to adapt the sales process.

  • Demonstrating appreciation and saying goodbye.

Delivery Options.

We offer several different ownership models to
suit different levels of Capex and Opex investment, contact us to learn more.

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3-Day Delivery

4 modules are presented over 3 days.

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2.5-Day Delivery

4 modules are presented over 2.5 days (longer training days).

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Modular Delivery

1 module is presented per day (consecutively or over a few weeks).

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4 modules are presented online (stand-alone or with classroom training).

Can also be used for refresher training, assessments, or new hire onboarding.

What Our Customers Say.

"The content was not only relevant to our industry but also easily adaptable, thanks to its modular format…we thoroughly enjoyed the training and appreciate the effort put into its design and delivery. The HEROES structure and the emphasis on setting the scene before diving into the sales process were particular highlights to me."

Kerry Hall
Head of Customer Experience & Retail at One Communications

Chat with Will Gibson.

Will is an award-winning telecom consultant who has consulted on retail environments and training programs in over 60 countries. Will intimately understands how to develop high performing sales teams and uses his experience to bring this to life. Reach out to Will to get started today!

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Will Gibson VP Sales & Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions.

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Why do you say this is more effective than the training we have? What’s so special about it?

Showtime is a telecom-specific sales training course that was built from the ground up by lifelong telco retailers. It uses Neuro-Linguistic Programming principles to drive behaviour changes. Geared for all roles and experience levels, even your most senior, experienced retail advisors will learn more about themselves and their customers.

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How has this training impacted performance?

Some stores have seen sales increase by 40% in the weeks post-deployment. Overall, we do expect an increase of around 10% to top-line sales, as well as increases to basket size and conversion rates. We also see double-digit NPS scores as customers start to notice the improved experience.

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Which is better? The classroom training or e-learning?

It’s a tie! Classroom training is a big investment; participants need to spend 2-3 days in the classroom away from the store. If this is too big of a commitment, e-learning is a fast, flexible option. The ideal scenario is to use both, using e-learning to refresh participants’ knowledge and ensure long-lasting behaviour change after the classroom event.

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