Platform Implementation Consultants.

Get expert advice on how to maximize the success of your implementation, including policies, hardware placement, training, and configuration.

Increase Your Solution Adoption

We can work collaboratively on a rollout plan that ensures your new solutions will be welcomed by customers and staff alike.

Improve Your Customer Journeys

Our team will ensure your solution works within your customer journeys and can identify possible improvements that fit with your new capabilities.

Fine Tune Your Policies & Processes

We can review your systems, policies, and processes to identify pain points and recommend changes that will work cohesively with your implementation.

Prove Your Post Implementation ROI

We can help you measure the results from before and after your implementation, so you can prove the value of your investment to stakeholders.

How We Help.

Point of Sale

Investing in a new POS? Our consulting team can ensure your project garners top results.

  • We’ll asses the location, number, and type (fixed vs mobile) of POS terminals within the store.

  • We’ll conduct Time and Motion studies and observe transactions.

  • We’ll determine if a store is under/over POS capacity based on sales data and number of staff.

  • We’ll oversee the rollout to dealer/3rd party channels.

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Paperless Transactions

You’ll see endless benefits when transitioning to Paperless contracts, but we can maximize your success.

  • Identify which processes can be made paperless.

  • Estimate potential cost savings (paper, ink, etc.).

  • Determine impact on customer journey and time savings.

  • Provide training and guidance.

  • Measure ROI including CX uplift.

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Self-Care App

Our team can create a plan that ensures your self-care app is adopted by your customers.

  • Determine demand for self-care apps.

  • Establish which customer journeys should use the self-care app.

  • Support pilot, rollout, and measure ROI.

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Inventory Management

Inventory is the lifeblood of your business. Our consultants will fine tune your inventory system to ensure you’re operating in top shape.

  • Review systems, policies, and processes to identify pain points and solutions.

  • Assess how stock reservations are handled after a sale.

  • Assess if stock levels are real-time and if this limits omnichannel capability.

  • Identify inventory loss, theft, or compliance issues.

  • Support rollout and measure ROI.

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More and more customers are transacting online. We’ll help craft an online experience that exceeds customers’ expectations.

  • Guide the creation of a custom-built user interface that’s designed for your brand/market.

  • Recommend how to build a better product catalog for e-commerce.

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Indirect Sales App

Because your indirect channel is outsourced to others, you need careful planning and controls to maximize your results. Our expert team can support you on this journey.

  • Review indirect channel strategy and map solutions vs competitors.

  • Review effectiveness of channels, ROI and % mix.

  • Conduct detailed contract review of dealers & partners.

  • Support training & rollout to ensure solution penetration.

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Channel Partner Management

Your channel partner management team plays a key role in supervising your indirect channel. Our team can help you maximize uptake so you’ll see benefits right away.

  • Review wider indirect channel strategy.

  • Support training & rollout to ensure solution penetration.

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Kiosks, Vending & Lockers

Kiosks can expand your reach and streamline traffic – but only if they’re in the right places, and if people are comfortable using them. Our team will ensure you get it right.

  • Optimize location, number, and type of kiosk units.

  • Identify key journeys - top up, bill payment, SIM sale, vending, etc.

  • Develop a phased rollout plan and oversee pilot.

  • Create strategies to maximize use, satisfaction, and experience.

  • Train staff how to help customers use the kiosk.

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Chat with Will Gibson.

Will is an award-winning telecom consultant who has consulted on retail environments in over 60 countries. Will intimately understands the many factors that make a great retail experience and uses his expertise to bring this to life. Reach out to Will to get started today!

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Will Gibson VP Sales & Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions.

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What impact can the right systems have on our profitability as a chain?

The correct retail systems are vital. They ensure your supply chain is agile, saving millions of dollars by optimizing stock levels and preventing under/overstocking. They enable fast transactions that delight customers and provide staff with tools that promote upselling. Reach out and we can show you how the right solutions increase sales and efficiency.

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You offer a lot more solutions than we were considering. Why should we use them all?

Platform-based solutions offer many advantages. Integrations can be shared across all modules for significant cost and time savings. They also aggregate data from all channels into a single view for truly informed decision making. Platforms can connect your supply chain to every channel, enabling an omnichannel experience, which greatly increases profitability and customer satisfaction. The more solutions you use, the greater the benefit – and you can add more at any time.

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I’m tired of dealing with so many systems and vendors. Is it easy to switch to your platform?

Very easy! We specialize in swapping out old legacy systems. Our project teams will prepare a thorough deployment plan that includes extensive user testing and train-the-trainer sessions so it’s easy to get your staff up to speed. Get in touch and we can discuss your unique needs and come up with a plan that’s right for you!

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