Channel Partner Management.

Easily manage your resellers and staff with Channel Partner Management software that streamlines site visits, automates tasks, and provides dynamic reporting across individuals, regions, and countries.

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Reduce costs with a channel management tool that eliminates  errors, reduces administration time, and optimizes routes for additional savings on fuel and maintenance.

Boost efficiency with automated tools like route planning, digital checklists, and alerts, so you can reduce manual labour and planning effort for your mass market.

Increase channel profits with a partner management platform that drives reseller performance and proactively resolves performance issues.

Increase visibility with reporting tools that track compliance and can compare performance for both resellers and managing staff.

Key Functionality.

Effortless Site Inspections

Our Channel Partner Management Software gives field staff everything they need to effortlessly plan and execute their site visits and brand surveys – no more manual steps or inefficiencies!

  • Automatically creates daily schedules based on each reseller’s priority, their last visit date, and their physical location, saving hours of planning time and eliminating errors.

  • Provides turn-by-turn navigation to each site and adapts to traffic conditions in real-time to ensure each trip is efficient and at the lowest cost.

  • Integrated inspection checklist ensures a thorough assessment that captures notes, photos, and can be used to raise tickets to ensure compliance.

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Powerful Reporting & Performance Management

Our Channel Management Tool provides managers and group-level administrators with powerful reporting features that make it easy to identify top performers and trouble spots.

  • Displays performance metrics for resellers and field agents against KPIs and can be filtered by time period for powerful comparisons.

  • Provides high-level dashboards that compare performance across regions and countries so it’s easy to identify top performers and those who are struggling.

  • Reports on a wide variety of configurable metrics, such as activations, churn rate, out of stocks, site visit compliance, deviation from planned routes, and more. Results can be compared against other time periods.

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Digital Onboarding Made Easy

Our Channel Partner Management solution has digital onboarding capabilities that are simple to use and eliminate physical paperwork when hiring new staff, partner resellers, or dealers.

  • Electronically complete forms, sign documents, take pictures of required documents, and obtain approvals from within the app.

  • The remote onboarding process is efficient - both parties don’t have to be in the same physical location to sign documents or get approvals.

  • Using the app, field staff can establish sales territories for resellers using geofenced polygons. This prevents resellers from selling outside of their area.

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Inventory Management, Simplified

Our Partner Management software integrates with inventory management systems. This makes it easy for distribution staff to monitor real-time inventory levels, replenish stock, and conduct site inspections using the app.

  • View real-time inventory levels for all resellers and receive low stock alerts when levels fall below the set threshold.

  • Automatically creates daily site visit schedules with turn-by-turn navigation for increased efficiency.

  • Integrated inspection checklist is used to capture inventory levels, mobile money float levels, and more, ensuring a thorough assessment that captures notes, photos, and can be used to raise tickets to ensure compliance.

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Meets The Diverse Needs Of Every Role.

Field Staff

  • Plan and navigate to site visits.

  • Complete inspections.

  • Monitor reseller performance.

  • Onboard new resellers.


  • Monitor field agent performance.

  • Track site visit compliance.

  • Identify high and low performers.

  • Onboard new field staff.

Distribution Staff

  • Plan and navigate to site visits.

  • Complete inspections.

  • View inventory levels.

  • Receive low stock alerts.

Top-Level Administrators

  • Monitor performance by country or region.

  • Identify high and low performers.

  • Compare performance over time.

Partner Management & Indirect Sales Go Hand In Hand.

Complete your partner ecosystem by pairing our Channel Partner Management software with our Indirect Sales App. When your resellers are using an integrated digital sales app, it’s a breeze to share real-time data across solutions and drive performance.

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Exceptional Return On Investment.

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Optimizes routes for fuel and maintenance savings.

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Operational Efficiency

Reduces administrative burden and enhances productivity.

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Improves Profitability

Detailed reporting identifies best practices and trouble spots.

Explore All Technical Features.

Better Together.

Maplewave’s Channel Management Tool works seamlessly with the rest of our platform.

Indirect Sales App: Integrates with our Indirect Sales solution so deliveries are triggered when purchase orders are created. View Solution >

Inventory Management: Integrates with master inventory management system for seamless inventory passthrough. View Solution >

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Implementation Consulting.

Our consultants can further guide your project, ensuring you maximize your return on investment.

  • Review wider indirect channel strategy.

  • Support training & rollout to ensure solution penetration.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

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How does the app prioritize daily tasks for field staff?

The Channel Partner Management software leverages route optimization functionality to plan and navigate to site visits. The route optimization engine will be configured to meet your specific needs and achieve your KPIs. The system supports market-specific rules to meet the unique requirements, regulations, and constraints of each market.

Customers will be profiled, categorized, and graded according to their preferences, such as delivery time window, order size, importance, loyalty, order frequency & value, and more.

These constraints are integrated with the route optimization engine, which will prioritize higher-graded customers when assigning routes. If the market requires all A-grade customers to be seen weekly, this rule will be considered when assigning tasks so your business can achieve its goals.

The algorithm will help field agents effectively plan site visits, meet KPIs, while dramatically reducing administration time.

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Is priority or proximity more important when planning daily tasks?

When optimizing a route, the algorithm will consider factors such as distance, traffic conditions, and delivery time windows. It will aim to minimize the overall distance traveled and time taken to complete all tasks while adhering to the specified priorities.

Consider a scenario where a high priority visit and a low priority visit were scheduled in the east side of the city, and a medium priority visit was scheduled in the west. The algorithm would likely instruct the field agent to visit the two locations in the east first, rather than simply completing the tasks in order of importance, as this would dramatically increase the distance traveled.

By optimizing the route in this way, the algorithm aims to minimize travel time and distance, ensuring efficient completion of the tasks based on their priorities and geographical locations.

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What kind of reports are available?

There are a variety of reports that are available to managers and group-level staff, controlled by permissions. For site visits, they can assess if field agents are completing their assigned tasks, how closely they are following their assigned routes, the geo coordinates of where their site inspections are taking place, and more.

It’s also possible to view reseller performance across a variety of categories.

If your operations span multiple countries, it’s possible to compare like-for-like performance across markets and countries. Reports are completely configurable, but potential metrics include sales activations, churn, site visit compliance, out of stocks, activations, and more.

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