Maplewave’s commission functionality reinforces desired sales behaviours and rewards top performers with flexible incentive structures for staff, dealers, and markets.

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Flexible Commission Rules

Flexible rules accommodate any commission structure for channels, markets, and users.

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Drives Specific Behaviours

Real-time commissions drives desired sales behaviours and rewards top performers.

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Automatic Calculations

Automatically pulls/pushes data from Maplewave’s platform and third-party systems - no more spreadsheets!

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Auditable & Traceable

Raw, calculated, and rules data is completely auditable and traceable in case of disputes.

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Dynamic Reporting

Provides commission reports for sales staff, dealers, and management.

Key Functionality.

Flexible Commission Rules

Our commissions functionality accommodates any commission structure, including highly complex ones.

  • Set up unique commissions for channels, markets, dealers and salespeople.

  • As products are sold, commissions are displayed in real-time, including incentives for salespeople and dealers.

  • Supports various commission structures, including fixed amounts, percentage amounts, threshold structures, target structures, one-time payments, and recurring (with/without limits).

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Real-Time Dynamic Reporting

Our commissions functionality provides real-time reports for salespeople, dealers, and management.

  • Reports can be accessed via a web interface, or through Maplewave’s POS and BI & Reporting solutions, if applicable.

  • Reports provide overview and detail-level information for raw, calculated, and rules data.

  • Head office/market-level reports show payouts and claw backs and help with management.

Exceptional Return On Investment.

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Cost Savings

Commissions reduce staff turnover and recruiting costs.

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Operational Efficiency

Enhances staff and dealer performance.

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Improves Profitability

Incentivizes behaviours that drive additional revenue.

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Better Together.

Maplewave’s commission solution automatically pulls commission information from any third-party system, and can display commissions within Maplewave’s solutions if they’re used:

Maplewave’s Platform:  

  • Point of Sale:  Sales staff can view their commissions in real-time from the POS, which helps encourage performance. 
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  • Indirect Sales App:  Dealer staff can view their real-time commissions, which incentivizes the sale of your products vs your competitors in indirect channels. 
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  • BI & Reporting:  Displays summary and detail-level commission reports for channels, markets, dealers, and staff, making management effortless. 
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Third-Party Systems: Commissions can also be consolidated from any third-party system into our single interface, including provisioning, billing, rating, POS, inventory, etc.

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Implementation Consulting.

Our consultants can further guide your project, ensuring you maximize your return on investment.

  • Recommend the most effective commission split per line of business.

  • Advise on the different ways to incent individuals, and how to use technology to automate team plans and individual commission sets.

  • Establish flexible rate cards to incent your remote dealers and franchisees.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

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Do I have to deploy other parts of the Maplewave platform to use your Commissions module?

No, every part of our platform is modular, so you can deploy commissions as a standalone service. That said, deploying other modules may be the best way to overcome certain challenges, such as incentivizing sales in your indirect channel, or being able to better manage your dealer locations.

For example, our BI & Reporting solution includes pre-built summary and detail-level reports for channels, markets, dealers, and staff, making management effortless.

And our POS lets sales staff see their commissions in real-time, which further promotes sales and incentivizes the selling of your products vs your competitors in indirect channels.

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Can you manage commissions for individual staff and large dealers with multiple locations?

Yes. Our commissions solution can be used to establish different commission structures for sales staff, store managers, supervisors, dealers - even whole channels.

Each party can have their own unique commission structure that incentivizes certain activities, whether that’s selling a certain type of product, ensuring the accuracy of inventory and cash balancing, or overall branch performance.

Our solution’s multi-tenant capability supports multiple markets and channels with shared or unique configurations.

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How do you handle claw backs if a customer disconnects or one of the commission rules is broken?

The heart of our commissions engine is a transaction database that can house positive and negative records. When a claw back is necessary, a negative value record is added to the transactional database, and this amount will be deducted from the next commission payout cycle. Note: this feature requires an integration to applicable third-party systems, so the commission module knows when to trigger a claw back.

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