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Business Insights.

Business Insights

Maplewave’s reporting suite helps telcos:

  • Evaluate performance by location and staff.

  • Identify and leverage top performers.

  • Determine best practices and raise ARPU.

  • Drive profitable behaviour based on high-quality sales.

  • Optimize staff allocation based on sales flow, customer volume, and staff performance.

  • Analyze transaction and sales volumes across integrations.

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  • See all business activity within a single view.

  • Drill down to location and business transaction-level.

  • View sales and inventory info in real-time.

  • Export dashboard data to spreadsheets.

  • Define output based on several parameter settings.



  • Analyze performance, opportunities, and risks.

  • Provides many pre-defined reports for common inquiries.

  • Provides consolidated and detailed reporting of key business metrics at any level.

  • Export reports to dozens of different formats.

Custom Reports

  • Create/schedule custom reports at defined intervals.

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Performance Indicators & Commissions

  • View commissions in real-time for in-store performance monitoring and audit controls.

  • View commissions across the retail network, controlled by permissions.

  • Operators can view real-time commission calculations from within the POS.

  • Staff can view individual commissions.



  • Send real-time pricing adjustments to distributors via the sales dashboard.

  • Commission rates adjust based on promotions.

  • Limited time offers can be created and tied to unique commissions.

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  • Permissions control access to business information.


Rule-Based Architecture

  • Supports various business models, including distributor, master-sub, store-in-store, and location.

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System Integrations.

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Maplewave’s BI & Reporting solution collects and presents key data from every module in our platform.

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