Enhanced Support Services for Telecoms.

Outsource your support needs, reporting, and product catalog management to our expert team, freeing you to focus on other areas of your business.

Access Expertise At A Lower Cost

Our team can manage work at a lower cost than hiring full-time staff, while also mitigating churn and training requirements.

Get Your Business Ready For Tomorrow

Our retail management experts keep you at the top of the market by providing continual access to new features, upgrades, and processes.

Exceed Past Results With Best Practices

Our team can fine tune the configuration of your platform, as well as implement best practices and training programs to drive value and maximize results.

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Make Quick Progress & Accelerate Your Projects

Our team has the tools and expertise to deliver fast and consistent results. We can also provide dedicated resources to accelerate project timelines.

How We Help.

Premier Support Services

Sometimes you need a little extra help to meet your goals. Our premier support service provides you with dedicated expert resources that can bring that extra level of support to your operations – at a lower cost than hiring a full time resource.

  • We can provide dedicated Project Managers, Analysts or Developers to improve delivery timelines.

  • We can assist with advanced system configuration and recommend ways to get more out of your system.

  • We can oversee new integrations to third-party systems and retrieve system data.

  • We can perform data entry to eliminate swivels or enable e-commerce.

  • We can update training content or provide ongoing or refresher training for staff.

  • We can ensure inventory best practices are followed and mitigate break downs in the inventory lifecycle.

  • We can create or edit Paperless contracts.

  • We can make content updates for Maplewave products (inventory images, marketing content).

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Supercharge Your Business Intelligence & Reporting

Standard reports not quite what you need? Our team can help you create custom reports and data feeds to drive value and ensure you get insights from your Business Intelligence.

  • We can create custom reports when out-of-the-box reports aren’t enough, such as tracking commissions that are linked to certain behaviours.

  • We can provide tracking and reporting on KPIs to help identify trends and insights.

  • We can consolidate reporting data for group-level reporting across markets, such as linking GSMA data to handset sales.

  • We can create custom data feeds for external BI systems, as well as align data with downstream BI systems and drop points, such as data lakes.

Manage Your Product Catalog

Don’t hire extra staff to manage your telecom product catalog. Our Plan Management team can manage this work for you and ensure changes are made quickly and accurately.

  • We’ll maintain the contents and pricing of your product catalog, including inventory items, plan flows, promotions, and discounts.

  • We’ll maintain your device image database, so your sales interfaces are always visually appealing and up to date.

  • We’re able to manage hardware and pricing for your residential services.

  • We can also reconcile dealers’ commissions vs carrier payments on your behalf,

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Chat with Scott Sancton.

Scott is a global leader who is passionate about businesses growth. With his background in customer success, business development, strategy and operations, Scott’s versatility helps him achieve extraordinary results for his clients. Get in touch with Scott today to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

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Which options are available for getting data and information from Maplewave’s systems / software?

There are a few ways to retrieve your data from our systems. Our Business Intelligence solution has many detailed sales and inventory reports that your users can access. Our professional services team can also build custom reports that get automatically sent to you, or they can be accessed online. 

Alternatively, your data warehousing teams can pull data directly from our application databases using their ETL systems. Our professional services team can help your data engineers build the necessary SQL queries.

Our professional services team can also help create one-off ad-hoc queries that may be needed to quickly answer specific/unique business questions.

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How do we submit requests for any additions/changes to our device and plan offerings?

This is a very simple process. All plans, devices, add-on plans, pricing, etc., are maintained in an excel spreadsheet and stored in a shared folder on Microsoft SharePoint. This allows everyone to be working from the same data source. Once a change is completed, simply email the Plan Management team, and we will follow up right away.

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How can we track or measure agents’ commissions using Maplewave solutions?

Multiple commission plans can be configured based on a staff member’s permission level and the type of transaction triggering the commission. Commissions can be awarded based on a percentage or per rate.

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