Queue Management

Control store traffic with a queue management system that eliminate lineups, reduces wait times, and gives customers a personal experience.

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Increase profitability by reducing walkouts, increasing the number of customers that can be served at one time, and driving more value from every sale.

Personalize your experience with a solution that displays customers’ purchase history so staff can tailor their recommendations and upsell more effectively.

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Build loyalty by immediately greeting customers, estimating their wait time, and communicating their needs so they don’t repeat themselves.

Increase efficiency with a solution that manages and segments store traffic and prepares staff for their interactions.

Key Functionality.

Eliminate Lineups & Control Store Traffic

Our smart queueing system can be used to identify customers and add them to a virtual queue. This ensures prompt, personal service and reduces wait times.

  • Immediate assistance reduces the chance of a walkout.

  • View customers who are waiting for service in real-time and their reason for visiting the store.

  • Displays customer history across all touchpoints.

  • Collects valuable marketing information that can be used in subsequent campaigns.

  • Staff can access and view the queue from their tablet, the POS, or from a web browser, increasing efficiency.

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Self-Queueing Puts Customers In Control Of Their Visit

Our customer queue system supports self-queuing, so customers are in control of their experience.

  • Customers can add themselves to queues via QR code, text message, or website.

  • Web interface lets customers see their position in the queue, so they can wait elsewhere.

  • Customers are notified when it’s their turn to enter.

  • Customers can respond if they will be late or remove themselves from the queue.

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Exceptional Return On Investment.

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Cost Savings

Simple interface reduces training costs.

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Operational Efficiency

Reduces walkouts.

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Improves Profitability

Builds rapport, increasing the likelihood of a sale.

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Better Together.

Maplewave’s Queue Management solution works seamlessly with the rest of our platform.

Point Of Sale:  Lets staff build orders from anywhere in the store, continuing the line-free experience. View Solution >

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Implementation Consulting.

Our consultants can further guide your project, ensuring you maximize your return on investment.

  • Train staff how to greet customers.

  • Advise how queueing should take place.

  • Determine how queuing fits within the wider customer journey.

  • Measure ROI on experience and transaction times.

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Featured Case Study.


Maplewave’s Greeting & Queuing solution helped Digicel elevate their service at their flagship stores.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

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How will customers know their wait time and when it’s their turn?

We have several solutions that can help with this. We can send estimated wait times to customers via SMS, display current wait times at the sign-up screen, or install second screen solutions inside your physical environments so customers can view this information briefly.

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Can customers add themselves to the queue using their smartphone or via SMS, or do they always have to approach a staff member?

Yes, customers can add themselves to the queue by scanning a QR code, sending an SMS or navigating directly to the queueing website. They can also book an appointment from the web. Our solution supports both closed and open-door environments.

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What happens if we are not ready for the appointment? How do we manage that and communicate with the customer?

There are many ways we can communicate to the customer. Store staff have access to a full management dashboard to make appointment administration a breeze. Depending on your preferences, and regulation in your market, you can choose to send SMS, emails, or simply call the customer to establish the next steps for their appointment.

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