Commissions - Technical Features.

Explore the technical features of our Commissions solution.

Commission Rules.

Commission Structures

  • Create many types of commission structures, including highly complex ones.

  • Assign commission rules to channels, markets, and users.

  • Use multi-tenant capability to support multiple Opcos/markets and channels with shared or unique rules/configuration.

Commission Types

  • Fixed amount.

  • Percentage amount.

  • Threshold structure.

  • Target structure.

  • One-time.

  • Recurring (with/without limits)

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Staff & Dealer Commissions.

Staff Commissions

  • Create commissions that prioritizing the sale of certain products/services.

  • Define tiered commissions that encourage staff to meet/exceed baseline performance levels.

  • Integrate directly with payment services or output reports to pay staff.

Agent & Dealer Commissions

  • Incentivize and manage dealers effectively.

  • Agents and dealers can view earned commissions and targets.

  • Easily configure/tailor commission rules by market/channel.

  • Leverage commission rules based on third-party and billing/top up data.

Auditability & Traceability.

Auditing Commissions

  • Stores raw data separate from the commission-calculated and rules data.

  • Audit raw commissions data, and final calculated commissions.

  • Open APIs let third-party systems pull results.

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Dynamic Reporting.


  • View commission reports for salespeople, dealers, and management.

  • Access reports via a web interface, or through Maplewave’s POS and BI & Reporting solutions, if applicable.

  • View overview and detail-level information for raw, calculated, and rules data.

  • Head office/market-level reports show payouts and help with management.

Key Reports

  • Dealer Commission Earnings Summary Report: Summary and detail-level report that can be filtered by channel, market, dealer, and date range.

  • Historical Dealer Commissions Report:  Summary report provides a historical view of dealer commissions.

  • Dealers Commission Report: Summary and detail-level report that can be used to analyze historical trends.

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System Integrations.

Maplewave Platform

If other Maplewave solutions are used (optional), they can seamlessly pull commission information from the commissions solution.

  • Point of Sale:Sales staff can view their commissions in real-time from the POS, which helps encourage performance.

  • Indirect Sales App:Dealer staff can view their real-time commissions, which incentivizes the sale of your products vs your competitors in indirect channels.

  • BI & Reporting: Displays summary and detail-level commission reports for channels, markets, dealers, and staff, making management effortless.

Third-Party Systems

  • Provisioning.

  • Billing.

  • Rating.

  • POS.

  • Inventory.

  • Etc.

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