Indirect Sales App.

Maplewave’s Indirect Sales App maximizes profitability by giving telcos unmatched visibility and control over channel activities and simplifying the sales process for channel partners.

Built for Third-Party Sales.

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Increase Sales

The app is easy to use and shows real-time commissions, so  sellers prefer your brand vs your competitors’.

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Data & Inventory Visibility

Provides real-time metrics that show performance and inventory levels to simplify decision making.

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Unparalleled Control

Geotargeting gives telcos control over sales areas and enables location-based discounts.

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Customer Experience

Customers get a fast, memorable experience at thousands of additional points of presence.

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No Swivel Steps

Integrates with key systems and Maplewave’s platform for real-time info sharing and no duplicate entry.

Digitally Transform Your Indirect Channels.

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Door-to-Door Sales
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Street Corner/Cart Vendors
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Pop Up Events/Roving Sales Teams
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Vehicular Retail
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Mono-Brand Dealer Stores
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Multi-Brand Dealer Stores

How effective is your indirect channel?

Take our 5-minute Indirect Channel Assessment now to get actionable insights that will improve your indirect channel.

Key Functionality.

Give Sellers & Customers A Great Experience

Our Indirect Sales App is optimized for key channel journeys and makes it simple to process indirect and third-party sales, resulting in a great experience.

  • Easily sells recharge vouchers, electronic recharges, and SIMs/SIM registrations.

  • Sells handsets and accessories without re-entering information.

  • Accepts bill payments.

  • Effortlessly performs e-top-ups and displays balances.

  • Quickly order and receive stock from the app.

  • Supports mobile money payments.

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Gain Control & Visibility Over Your Indirect Channels

Our Indirect Sales App gives telcos and sellers incredible visibility into channel activities.

  • Sales territories can be geofenced so it’s easy to monitor sales performance and prevent poaching.

  • Use geo-targeted offers to boost sales within a defined area.

  • View inventory levels in real-time, as well as historical sales, turns, and more.

  • For those selling digital vouchers, telcos can lend credits to sellers so they can purchase more stock if they run out, maximizing their performance.

  • Sellers have real-time access to commissions which entices multi-brand sellers to prefer a telco’s products over others.

Build Loyalty & Encourage More Sales

Our Indirect Sales App incentivizes sales agents to prioritize the sale of your products vs your competitors’.

  • Transactions can be completed in just a few steps which encourages use.

  • Displays real-time commissions and can accommodate any commission structure.

  • Can be used in any language with appropriate translation. English, Spanish, and French are supported out of the box.

  • Video tutorials can be incorporated in the app to improve product knowledge, sales skills, and more.

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Exceptional Return On Investment.

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Cost Savings

Simple workflows reduce training and support costs.

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Operational Efficiency

App is designed for channel needs so it’s simple to sell goods and services.

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Improves Profitability

Easy-to-use app encourages usage and increase sales.

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Better Together.

Maplewave’s Indirect Sales App works seamlessly with the rest of our platform.

Route Planning & Optimization:  Integrates with our distribution solution to trigger deliveries when purchase orders are created. View Solution >

Paperless Transactions: Contracts can be digitally signed on-site or remotely using the customer’s device or computer. View Solution >

Inventory Management:  Integrates with master inventory management system for seamless inventory passthrough. View Solution >

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Implementation Consulting.

Our consultants can further guide your project, ensuring you maximize your return on investment.

  • Review indirect channel strategy and map solutions vs competitors.

  • Review effectiveness of channels, ROI and % mix.

  • Conduct detailed contract review of dealers & partners.

  • Support training & rollout to ensure solution penetration.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

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We do a lot of rural and indirect sales. How can you help our dealers be more efficient?

Our solutions excel in the indirect channel, giving carriers unmatched visibility and control while helping agents and distributors work effectively. Our solutions provide straightforward sales tools that can manage stock, commissions, promotions, and more.

Our solutions can be used on any device (browser, mobile or tablet), which is particularly useful for rural/remote sales.

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What are the main advantages we get from using your system?

Our solution is designed specifically for indirect channels and has many features that are geared toward agents and distributor models.

Our solution works with your existing prepaid/airtime distribution system and provides sales and inventory tools that improve channel operations, incentivize sales, and increase visibility.

Most importantly, our responsive web/app-based solutions require little to no additional infrastructure investment.

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How do you manage campaigns and commissions?

Our solutions make it easy to set up flexible commission structures for their indirect channels. Sales agents can view their real-time commissions right in the app, helping them understand what they earn commission on and why, which further incentivizes profitable activities. 

Commissions can be structured to reward profitable behaviour. Telcos may decide to incentivize new SIM activations, or to drive employee retention by incentivising top-ups over a 6-month period. 

Time-based offers and promotions can be created specifically for the indirect channel to further increase sales. Channel-specific marketing and upselling features can help drive adoption of promotions.

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