Kiosks, Vending & Lockers - Technical Features.

Explore the technical features of our Kiosks, Vending & Lockers solutions.

Kiosk Payment Hub.


  • Main kiosk unit.

  • Processes transactions and collects payments.

  • Can be paired with up to 4 companion units.

Standard Features

  • 24” Touch Screen.

  • Accepts EMV, credit, tap, debit, barcode, HID, MSR, and cash payments.

  • Bank Note Acceptor.

  • Barcode Scanner.

  • Thermal Receipt Printer.

  • UPS.

  • Multilingual Support.

  • Powder Coated Steel Enclosure.

Optional Components

  • Card Present AMP6500.

  • Bank Note Dispenser.

  • Cash recycler (some markets).

  • Passport / ID Reader.

  • Biometrics.

  • HD customer-facing camera.

  • Facial recognition.

  • Digital signage.

  • Attract screen.

  • Custom branding.

  • Additional security features.

  • Can be paired with concealed vending, regular vending, or locker modules.

  • 40” or 55” digital side panel or front mount attract screen.

Kiosk payment hub
Kiosk with concealed vending machine

Stand-Alone Concealed Vending.


  • Concealed vending unit dispenses items without displaying them to the customer.

  • Works in tandem with kiosk payment hub.

Standard Features

Includes all kiosk payment hub standard features, plus:

  • 7 shelves can dispense up to 56 unique SKUs.

  • Elevator-based delivery system protects inventory.

  • Durable belts decrease service calls, increase up-time.

  • Internal and external cameras enable remote support.

Optional Components

All kiosk payment hub optional components are available, plus:

  • Refrigeration 4C -12C.

Vending Companion.


  • Vending unit displays and dispenses items.

  • Works in tandem with kiosk payment hub.

  • Connect up to 2 vending companions per payment hub.

Standard Features

  • Vending with 5 shelves and up to 50 SKUs.

  • Elevator-based delivery system protects inventory.

  • Durable belts decrease service calls, increase up-time.

Kiosk station with two vending lockers
Kiosk locker pick up

Smart Locker.


  • Supports click and collect purchases or reverse logistics.

  • Available as a stand-alone unit or as a companion unit (latter must be used with payment hub).

Standard Features

  • Auto-alerts when device is deposited or ready for pick up.

  • Lighted compartments for premium experience.

  • Staging area for charging and updating devices.

  • Multiple compartment sizes available.

Optional Components

  • Power and networking in-locker.

  • 15" touch screen with PC (Stand-Alone unit).

  • Custom branding.

  • Bolt-ready stand.


  • Integrates with Maplewave’s inventory system.

  • Can pick orders in-store and fill at kiosk.

  • Can integrate with 3rd party eComm systems.

  • Maplewave can provide a click and collect platform.


Standard Features

  • Remote management middleware layer for auto alerts.

  • Internal webcam for remote tech support.

  • PCIDSS and 3DSecure via selected payment processor.

  • SIM registration is tied to platform and stored with retail registrations.

  • No customer data is stored on kiosks.

Optional Features

  • Adjustable impact/abuse sensors and contact alarms.

  • Biometric user validation for cash replenishment.

  • Webcam surveillance feeds can be stored in the Cloud.

  • Alarm trigger system can only be reset by specified users.

image of a bank vault door
black man providing online support in a support desk office wearing a headset

Support & Warranty.

Standard Features

  • Configurable alerts and proactive monitoring.

  • Software support for new releases, remote deployment support, bug fixes, updates, and new features.

  • Third-party secure hosting.

  • 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Optional Features

  • Installation and training services.

  • Full on-site support available.

  • Extended warranty program available.

  • Leasing and full payment options available.

System Integrations.

Maplewave Platform

Maplewave’s Kiosk solution works seamlessly with the rest of our platform.

  • Point of Sale: Kiosks can leverage existing integrations to process transactions and vend devices and accessories.

  • BI & Reporting: All kiosk activity can be tracked in real-time, down to the transaction-level.

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