Is Your Pandemic Pause A Recipe For Disaster?

COVID-19 was the curveball nobody expected. Every industry in every country has felt its effects. This has been especially true for telco. With services in higher demand than ever before, and retail shutdowns hampering the ability to serve customers, telcos have had a challenging year.

As we enter the last quarter of 2020, many telcos are pressing pause and taking the next few months to plan and start fresh in 2021. Seems prudent, doesn’t it? Expect it’s the biggest mistake they could possibly make.

Time and again, history has shown us that the companies that push forward and invest, even during challenging times, are the ones that come out on top. Many industry juggernauts, seemingly untouchable, have been felled by simply missing a key window of opportunity. Kodak, Nokia and Yahoo are great examples of companies that dragged their heels at a critical moment that ultimately contributed to their demise.

In this guide, we will examine:

•     How telco budgets and projects have been affected by COVID-19.

•     Three historical examples of how “hitting pause” led large companies to disaster.

•     Our three-step action plan that will guide you to success.

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